DIY Roller Disco Barbie Halloween Costume

barbiehalloweencostume-6And just like that the Halloween madness has begun! We’re kicking off the costumes this year with one of my favorites ever, and you probably already have everything you need to make it. We wanted to show you guys how to make a GIANT Barbie box, and since I already had the matching pink roller skates, Roller Disco Barbie was born! You can make whatever Barbie theme you want (think of how cute Malibu Barbie would be), but to make this costume even easier, we have a download link below to our box design, so you can literally print it out, stick it onto a box, and you’re good to go with this year’s Halloween costume. C’mon Barbie let’s go party!


Large sheets of cardboard

Ruler or tape measure


Exacto knife

Spray adhesive


Hot glue gun

Duct tape

Hot pink wrapping paper (we used this)

“Roller disco” outfit

Roller skates

Roller disco Barbie box print out (download here)


1. Measure and cut out your sheets of cardboard with an exacto knife. We made the front and back of our box 25″ x 46″, the sides 14″ x 46″, and the top 25″ x 14″.

2. Download the roller disco Barbie box print out and have a printing company print it out to scale with the size of the box you made. Cut the design out.

3. Place the print out on the piece of cardboard that will be the front of your box. Trace the inside negative space onto the cardboard with a pencil and cut it out with an exacto knife.

4. Measure and cut out pieces of hot pink wrapping paper to match the size of your box. Repeat with white wrapping paper for the inside of the box.

5. In a well ventilated area, spray the pieces of cardboard with spray adhesive and stick down the paper. Allow to dry completely.

6. Once all of the cardboard is covered with paper, assemble the box using hot glue. Create handles on the inside of the box with duct tape so you can hold it up.

7. Put your roller disco outfit on and put the box around you. You’re now a roller disco Barbie!





Are you excited to see the rest of our costumes this year? We don’t want to bombard you with a costume every single day of the week, so we’re going to be putting them out sporadically over the next few weeks. And I promise we have some food-related ones in store! Can’t wait to show you!

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  1. Your costume was the coolest, and you’re amazingly talented! I wish that I would of seen this before Halloween. I’d dress up in a Superstar Barbie Box. I’m on a big 70s kick 🙂

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