DIY 90’s Slap Bracelets

We’re transporting you back to the 90s today with this throwback slap bracelet DIY! How many of you had some slap bracelets when you were a kid? I know I did! And I definitely think slap bracelets need to make a comeback, so we’re showing you a bunch of different ways so you can make your own and help bring back slap bracelets with this fun twist. After doing some research, I found out I could buy plain slap bracelets online, and from there the possibilities were endless. (Did you know Amazon actually has a really large selection of these bracelets?! How funny!) Get ready to write, glue, and put stickers on these babies because the full how-to is below and we’ve got details to make all 6 of the bracelets that we made!


Slap bracelets (here)
Super glue
Mod podge
Small paintbrush
Smiley face stickers
Letter stickers
Alphabet beads (here)
Mini flamingos (here)
Rainbow confetti



1. Prep the bracelets by making sure there isn’t any dust or dirt on them.

2. To make a smiley face bracelet, put a thin layer of super glue on the bracelet and cover the whole thing with smiley face stickers. Allow to dry completely. Using your small paintbrush, paint a very thin layer of mod podge over the whole bracelet and allow to dry before using.

3. To make a typography bracelet, place the phrase that you want to write out on the bracelet with letter stickers. Apply a thin layer of mod podge over the whole phrase and allow to dry.

4. To make a 3D typography bracelet, super glue the letters in place on the bracelet and allow to dry completely.

5. To make a flamingo bracelet, super glue the mini flamingos onto the middle of the bracelet. Allow the glue to dry completely.

6. To make a confetti bracelet, use super glue to hold the confetti in place. Paint a thin layer of mod podge over top of the confetti and allow to dry before wearing.


Which one are you going to try making?! I think my favorite one is the flamingo bracelet, but we all know I have a crazy love for flamingos! Let’s bring back the 90s and start making those slap bracelets!

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