DIY Cotton Candy Halloween Costume


You guys FREAKED OUT over my cotton candy balloons, and I think by now, cotton candy makes an appearance in my posts more than any other sweets (exhibits A, B, and C). So if the saying is true and you ARE what you eat, why not dress up as a giant pouf of cotton candy?! Plus, you can wear all pink so what’s not to love? (And just the general fact that cotton candy is super delicious). This is another really quick costume, so for those of you that may need any last minute ideas, I’m your go-to gal! AND I used the same base dress as the popcorn costume, so you can get TWO costumes out of one dress!! It’s my obligation to get this song stuck in your head while you scroll through this post. You’re welcome! Ha, find the how-to below!

Shift dress (I used this one again)
Polyester fiberfill (here) Note: we used 2 bags of fiberfill but it depends on how much material you are covering
Pink spray paint
Hot glue gun
White paper & red paper for the cone


1. Read this tutorial on how to make cotton candy balloons first. Trust me, it will help! I used almost exactly the same techniques for the costume!

2. Use the spray paint to color your fiberfill. You don’t have to make sure it is all thoroughly coated. Leaving some white spots is definitely okay! Allow to dry completely.

3. While you are waiting for that to dry, roll up a sheet of paper into a cone large enough to sit on top of your head. Cut a long red strip about 1/2″ thick and wrap and hot glue it around the cone in a spiral.

4. Once the fiberfill is dry, hot glue it to your dress. Make sure to use a lot of hot glue so that pieces of the fiberfill don’t fall off.

5. Take a handful of the fiberfill and form it into a cotton candy pouf. You will use this for your headpiece. Hot glue the pouf to a headband and also glue the cone you just made onto the top of the pouf. Secure the headpiece on your head with bobby pins if necessary.

6. You are lookin’ SWEET!




Are you guys enjoying these so far?! I’m definitely having a lot of fun making them! Make sure to check out my Instagram today, I’ll be posting a video of myself dancing in this cotton candy costume and it’s too funny to miss!

P.S. For all of you that don’t LOVE Halloween, I’ll be giving you a break tomorrow with a super delicious dessert recipe! You can thank me later!


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44 Responses

  1. This is adorable. It seems like great mines all think alike. I have a rainbow cotton candy costume planned to go up on my site this week. But I'm also collaborating with another blogger to do a baby version and I'm making a dog version too. We'll all be cotton candy this year! Lol.

  2. Hey Sam!
    Thinking of making this costume super last minute (tomorrow morning!). Getting supplies today…about how much polyfill did you use? and how long did it take to dry?

    1. Hi Kate!
      The spray paint dried in about 10 minutes, and I used a total of 32 ounces of fiberfill, but it depends on how or short the dress you're using is too! Hope it comes out well, and make sure to tag #awwsamcostumeparty if you post it on social media! 🙂
      xo Sam

  3. thank you soooo much for a fab idea. I am incorporating a cute top hat covered in all sorts of candy and going to carnival as “Candy girl!!” xxx

  4. I love this costume idea. Does the shift dress tgat you used have a back zipper Or was it loose enough to fit over youR head without?

    1. Hi Brooklyn!
      I’d say this is medium difficulty, but I definitely think you could make it! I would say to just ask someone for help with the spray painting step. 🙂 Can’t wait to see! xoSam

  5. This is so sweet that we’re doing the Cotton Candy Costumes for our German “Karnival”. How Much of the Polyester Fiberfill did you need for your dress? The whole Bag or just half of it? We’re 6 Girls and wanted to know how many fiberfill we should order. Thanks in Advance!

    1. Hi Anne!
      I love that idea! 🙂 I used two bags for my dress, but it will depend on the length/size of the dress you’re covering! xoSam

    1. Hi Michie!
      Hmm, I don’t remember the exact color I used, but I always use the brand “Gold.” Any of their pink colors should work perfectly! xoSam

  6. I’m going to be making this for halloween this year for sure! What do you do if your fiberfil is in a roll and not torn up yet?

    1. Hi Lotti!
      I can’t wait to see! Hmm…you might have bought batting, which is also used for stuffing. You can try cutting it up, but I’m not sure it will look the same. You should be able to buy fiberfill used for stuffing stuffed animals at any craft store. Hope that helps! 🙂 xoSam

  7. what thickness of headband did you use and would you recommend using the color of your cotton candy or spray painting the headband to match the finished look?

    1. Hi!
      I used a headband that was about 3/4″ thick! And I’d say either one would work perfectly! If it’s too difficult to find the correct colored headband, you could definitely spray paint and use the same color spray paint that you’re using for the cotton candy! 🙂 xoSam

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