DIY Fake Shrimpmas Tree

Nothing says the holidays like some mistletoe, beautiful wreaths and of course, a Shrimp laden Christmas tree! After the success of my edible Shrimpmas tree, I decided to try my hand at crafting my very own permanent Shrimpmas tree decor piece! If it’s the piece you have always dreamed of decorating with then follow along, because not only is this DIY project super easy, its also incredibly funny and the perfect conversation starter for your next holiday gathering!


Foam cone

Fake lettuce I used 4 packs

Fake shrimp I used 6 packs

Cocktail picks I used 1 pack


1. Start by creating your base, by using a foam cone. This will be our foundation and what everything will be mounted to.

2. Next, using a hot glue gun, cover the entire foam cone with your fake lettuce pieces, making sure to overlap the lettuce where need to ensure there aren’t any visible areas of foam.

3. Now, using skewers (or toothpicks), attach your shrimp to the tree. Since we are using plastic shrimp, I simply hung mine on the skewers. If you want a little extra stability, use hot glue to secure them in the position you want. Make sure you arrange your shrimp in a way that is visually appealing to you, for instance, I wanted my shrimp to mimic a garland that was wrapped around the tree.

4. If you feel like taking it a step further, then feel free to add some garland or tinsel, or even Christmas lights! Since the tree isn’t meant to be edible, you can really go as wild as you may want. You could even add small ornaments to bring in more of your favorite colors.

5. Now we can set our finished tree down as a table centerpiece, or somewhere else that allows you to display it, like your coffee table or even your mantel!

Now that I’ve finished an edible and a fake Shrimpmas tree, I think my next tree will need to be something even crazier! Do you have any suggestions? I hope this DIY craft guide encourages you to create something new and a little more playful for this holiday season. A Shrimpmas tree is a guaranteed way to bring some extra joy and 70s kitsch to your home! I can’t wait to see how you all customize your own Shrimpmas trees, so make sure to tag us so we can share them! Happy crafting!

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