DIY Disco Pumpkins

Every year we decorate pumpkins and this year I wanted to do a disco theme! Our home style always looks best with non-traditional Holiday decor, and this is by far my favorite non-traditional pumpkin project we’ve done yet. For a step-by-step look at how I made these, you can head over to my Instagram feed and watch this video. This is a super easy project with really only two steps, so I hope you’ll all be making your own disco pumpkins soon!


Pumpkins (you can use any foam craft pumpkins, I recommend white ones so the color doesn’t show through)

Mirror Tiles (I bought 1 pack and covered all of the pumpkins in the above image)

Gold Acrylic Paint (optional if you want to paint the stems)

Note: I have E6000 glue in the beginning of my video, but I found it was easier to use the adhesive that comes on the mirror tiles already


1. With scissors, cut a strip off of your mirror tile sheet. The adhesive is super sticky, so make sure when you set it down it doesn’t get stuck to the surface you’re working on.

2. Starting at the top of the pumpkin, wrap the mirror tile strip around horizontally, pressing down the tiles as you go.

3. Continue doing this on the whole pumpkin. If you have any gaps in the rows where a full piece of tile won’t fit, cut a smaller piece with scissors and place it in the gap.

What should we disco-ify next??

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