#Awwbode: Retro Main Bathroom Reveal

So excited to share our main bathroom reveal with you all today! This project started right before the pandemic and has been a long time coming, but I’m so thrilled with how it turned out! We bought this home from the original owners who built it in 1979, and when we started looking into the bathroom more, there were a lot of structural issues so we, unfortunately, couldn’t keep it in its original condition. We always had the intention with our whole house of staying true to the style and even updating it further to look like it could have just stepped right out of the 70s, which is why we kept the incredible sunken tub and tile countertop look (the sunken tub is actually one of the things that sold us on the house). Lots of little details to share, so let’s jump in!

It’s funny, I don’t even remember the “before,” it feels like it was so long ago! You can see we took out the cabinets and did a built in arch to make the area with the toilet feel more open. We have enough storage in other areas of the house that we felt like we didn’t need the extra cabinetry here. We also switched the door to a pocket door (see below, it had previously opened up onto the vanity) to give more space too!

The whole design started with this hand-painted tile from Fireclay. I loved how retro it felt, but also modern at the same time since I knew we were going to have to add in more modern fixtures too. Since we had decided on keeping the sunken tub, I chose a smooth glass tile by Fireclay since it would be best for anti-slip, and we also added a step in the tub that it previously didn’t have. I then sourced a bunch of vintage, which is part of what took so long haha, and found fun towel holders, mirrors, and the coolest toilet paper holder I’ve ever seen!

This custom sconce by Sazerac Stitches really tied everything together. We have one of their lights in our closet too; they just have THE best retro/vintage inspired lighting around for sure!

Our main bedroom is next, so stay tuned!

Photos by Madeline Harper Photography


Mirrors (Vintage) // Yellow Stool (Vintage) // White Storage Unit (Vintage Kartell Combolini) // Wall Sconce // Vanity // Faucet // Shower Fixtures // Sink Basins

Decor Objects:

Striped Towels (Old Crate & Barrel) // Wavy Soap Dish // Runner Rug (Old Urban Outfitters) // Bubble Planter // Large Print // Hanging Planter

Hardware and Paint:

Vanity Fronts // Drawer Pulls (Vintage) // Wall Hooks (Vintage) // Towel Holder (Vintage) // Toilet Paper Holder (Vintage)

Additional Sources:

Handpainted Floor Tile // Shower & Tub Tile // Countertop Tile // Baseboards // Wall Paint

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