My Favorite Places For Vintage & Vintage Inspired Kid’s Clothing

You all probably know by now that Kyle and I shop almost exclusively vintage and secondhand for clothing, and I’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about where I shop for Kiki’s clothes! Sooo today I’m sharing all my favorite places to shop for vintage/vintage-inspired kid’s clothing! There are so many great stores out there that it can sometimes be overwhelming to scroll through all the endless options, so use this as a quick reference when you’re looking for something specific! We’ll be getting into what keywords I use for browsing eBay and Etsy as well as shopping on Instagram. Let’s get to it!!!

We started buying clothes for Kiki well before I even got pregnant, in anticipation of one day having a child, so some of our very first pieces were vintage ones that caught our eyes as we were shopping for ourselves. Whenever I see something special that Kiki can grow into, I usually scoop it up to add to the vintage collection.

As is the case with vintage, sizing isn’t always correct to today’s standards, so it’s important to read vintage sellers measurements before buying, that way you don’t end up with an item marked newborn that fits like a 3 month or an item marked 1 year that seems like it could fit on a 3 year old! Haha!

Let’s start first with strictly vintage shops! I’ve stumbled upon all of these sellers by searching keywords such as “vintage 70’s kids” or “vintage 60’s kids” on eBay and Etsy. You can get a little more specific and put sizes in your search, but I’ve found that unlike adult vintage clothing, you’ll find more hidden gems by keeping the search super broad. Instagram is also a great source for kid’s vintage, and there a lot of parents selling their kid’s closets when they grow out of them! Turn on story and post notifications for those shops, the items tend to sell super quick!

Hoity Toity Knick Knacks
925 Vintage Clothes
Minots Vintage
Vintage Honey Child
Petit Pays Vintage
Shop What Willow Wore
Sailors Closet
Big Eye Girl Vintage
BorrowersCo Vintage


Strawberry Jam Kids
Jam Boutique
Junebuggs Hatchlings
Angel Dear
Wren and James

When it comes to vintage-inspired, some of these shops make their clothing with actual vintage fabric and others use retro inspired patterns.


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