Groovy Virtual Baby Shower

The storms in TX hit the week our virtual baby shower with family and friends was scheduled and we ended up having to cancel. We were obviously bummed, but our safety and helping our Austin community rebuild definitely took precedent! My mom had shipped us cookies she made beforehand (you can see more of those below!) and Kyle had made this amazing Anagram Balloons garland complete with record balloons we DIYed. Even though it wasn’t the baby shower we had initially imagined, we decided to still set everything up last minute and take some photos together to send in our thank you notes. This past year has taught me how to pivot and make the most of every situation, and I’m just super grateful for this little family!

If any of you are planning virtual baby showers of your own, I wanted to fill you in on what we were planning too if it helps at all with yours! Our initial thought was to do a huge Zoom call, but after adding up how many people would be part of it, we realized it probably wouldn’t be feasible. Instead, we decided to set up a link to a future YouTube Live video where our friends and family could tune in the day of the shower and watch us open the gifts from our registry in our little balloon baby shower set up! We sent virtual invites through Paperless Post with the link to watch as well as our registry link, and it was all really simple to set up! Sharing all of the details below for everything we made for our virtual set-up!!!

My mom has a cookie business out of Michigan called Cut-It-Out Cookies that I’ve talked about here a few times, and she shipped us custom cookies for our theme! The little roller skates are my absolute favorite!

We didn’t want to do too many desserts with an all virtual party, but I had a last-minute idea to make these record donuts. We baked our own donuts, but this would be a great idea for store-bought donuts too! I dipped the donuts in some black icing, cut a label out of fondant for the middle, and piped royal icing lines on the sides!

I made this lava lamp cake by pouring gray melting chocolate into plastic party cups for the bottom and top, and dusting them in gray edible shimmer. The middle is cake that I shaped into a lava lamp curve and decorated using fondant for the bubbles! So happy with how it came out and it was such an easy cake to make! And a perfect size for just the two of us!!

These balloons were one of the things I designed to match our shower theme. If you saw the banner I made for my pregnancy announcement on Instagram, I wanted the design of the balloons to be similar to that! The full tutorial is below, as well as a printable to the label in the middle. (I just removed our due date so you all of you can use it if you want!)

18″ Anagram Satin Luxe Onyx
Record label printable
Printable adhesive vinyl

1. Inflate your balloons with an air pump.

2. Print out the record label printable on adhesive vinyl and cut it out.

3. Peel away the backing and stick the label onto the center of the balloon.

4. If you want to add lines to the sides like I did, cut some curves out of the adhesive vinyl and stick them to the balloon.


Hope you enjoyed all of these ideas! I’m so happy we ended up setting everything up anyways, and it was still a special moment for me and Kyle to share before the baby arrives! Only two weeks left now, let the baby watch commence!!!

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  1. You look absolutely gorgeous Sam! Even though you had to reschedule, the end result of your baby shower still is jaw dropping! <3

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