30 Week Update + Nursery Progress

I can hardly believe I’ve officially entered my third trimester of pregnancy! The past six months have truly flown by and I’m still shocked that there are only a few more months to go until our little bean is fully grown and ready to make their debut. Since I haven’t talked about it on the blog or even really had a chance to share any updates, let’s start off the third trimester with some thoughts and nursery progress! I’ve been feeling pretty normal for the most part, but the bump has certainly gotten heavier and I need Kyle to help me put on my shoes and socks now haha. It’s been so incredible seeing little kicks and watching the baby react to different sounds and music. Every day I think about how crazy it is that a tiny human is growing inside of me! I haven’t been sleeping much, and I’ve definitely been struggling with slowing down, especially after coming off of our busiest season workwise. Making sure to listen to my body more and take the time that I need is something I’ve been making a priority. And hopefully it’s a skill that I can take into my daily life even postpartum as well!

I’ve also alwayssss experienced nausea and motion sickness, and being pregnant has only amplified those feelings. I didn’t know what to do about them until my mom suggested I try Prince of Peace Ginger Chews. You can find them in-store at Rite Aid, Vitamin Shoppe, GNC and more. What a lifesaver!!! They help keep my stomach settled and they come in a bunch of delicious flavors. My personal favorite are the lychee and lemon, but they also have other flavors, like peanut butter, which is definitely Kyle’s favorite! I keep a bowl of them in every room now for easy access whenever I need them, or if I just want a tasty treat that I know won’t upset my stomach. Seriously, I could not have even begun to work on this nursery without them!

Now let’s get into the nursery progress! For the past year I have spent most of my free time searching for vintage for our nursery, so that I can make sure our little one has the most ~groovy~ room in the house! Since we finally have most of our furniture and decor, it’s time to start figuring out how we want our room to look in it’s final arrangement, and with this much colorful and pattern, it’s quite a task! We decided to set up most of what we have to see how it all looked together and give you all a little peek into what we’re thinking!

We chose this super bright, floral vintage-inspired wallpaper, and I found my dream vintage dresser that we’re going to use as a changing table as well. We’re planning on wallpapering multiple walls to give baby something visual to stare at from many angles, and I’m going to make a felt mobile to hang over the crib. I love all of the wooden toys that are really popular right now, so we stocked up on those to decorate some built-in shelving that we’ll be doing around the windows in the room.

I’m definitely in full nesting mode over here because I can’t stop looking at baby clothes!!! Last week I told myself I was done, and then found a cute, vintage toddler jacket soooo guess I’m not actually done haha. I mean, can you blame me though? Have you ever seen anything cuter?! I have a montessori style clothing rack on the way, and I want to make a dress-up station in the room with lots of special pieces of clothing so they can pick out their own outfits when they get old enough! Pretty much a miniature version of our closet!

So what do you think?? I’m seriously jealous of this room already, and once we’re done with a few minor construction projects in there (mostly flooring and painting), you’ll be seeing more frequent nursery updates on Instagram Stories! After we tried for so long to get pregnant, I got to the point where I didn’t think I’d ever be able to share a nursery, so this has truly been a dream come true for me, and I’ve savoring every moment of it! (But also anxious to meet this baby!!!)

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  1. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR NURSERY! THE COLOR PALETTE IS DIVINE! <3 Would love to see how you decorate the baby’s crib 😉

  2. I’M 6 months pregNant and have been living for all of your baby post in your stories. I have a tight budget but have been finding some cute retro/vintage kid items SECOND hand as well. Hope you Know that you have fans! Im excited for your nursery reveal & all Of Your babys Future post!

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