Easy Jack O’Lantern Halloween Costume

Is it just me or has the year literally disappeared like a ghost in a haunted house?! Haha! I can’t believe that it is already a week into October, it still feels like April was just yesterday, but here we are. Since we are into October, I figured it was time I put out my first costume! Since finding out I was pregnant I haven’t had as much energy for making costumes, but I’ve still wanted to do so many. That’s when I came up with this super easy, but super cute jack o’lantern costume!

It works perfectly for me, to put right over my bump, but you could easily make it into a whole family costume of jack o’lanterns! Imagine all the different expressions and faces you could potentially have. I might need to get Kyle dressed up in one next.

Yellow, green, and black felt
Orange dress
Orange beret
Hot glue gun
Velcro strips (optional)

1. To begin, cut four identical leaves, two identical stems, and four identical long rectangles out of the green felt.

2. Cut four pieces of wire to match the length of the leaves, stem, and thin vines respectively. Hot glue the wire down onto one piece of each, and then glue the remaining pieces on top, so that you have two leaves, a stem, and two vines.

3. For the vines, to create that spiral shape, wrap the felt with encased wire around a pencil. Hot glue your vines, stem, and leaves onto your beret and shape them how you want with the wire.

4. Next, we want to choose two identical triangles and one smaller one, as well as the mouth of our pumpkin. I printed some off the internet after searching for jack o’lantern templates, then I cut them out of both the yellow and black felt.

5. Glue the black eyes nose and mouth on top of the yellow, to give it the look of a lit up pumpkin.

6. Put on your dress and mark where your jack o’lantern face will be applied, then remove the dress and hot glue them on. If you don’t want to put your pieces on permanently, use velcro strips with a sticky backing to attach the pieces of felt.

7. Put your beret on your head and put on your dress, and you are ready to go to the pumpkin patch to pick up your new best friend!


What a quick costume to pull together, and for me, it seems like a total classic. I can’t wait to go out, maybe next year (fingers crossed!!), with Kyle and our baby as a family of pumpkins. How many of you are looking forward to more costumes? If you have any ideas for other simple and fun costumes let me know!

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