5 At Home Date Ideas

If you’re like Kyle and me, you’ve been staying inside for a while now, and maybe the usual routine of binge watching TV shows is starting to wear thin! With everyone spending their time indoors, we have been making it a point to spend extra time together doing something a little more special to break up the monotony. If you’re in the same position and are searching for some new activities than we’ve got you covered in partnership with Dunkin’ At Home with five fun date ideas to help you relax and spend time together! And these ideas are great for anyone to spend time together, whether your friend or partner is in the room with you or not, they can join over the internet virtually!

This first date idea also happens to be one of our favorite dates: listening to vinyl records! After dinner we love to spend time unwinding from the stress of the day by listening to our favorite vinyl. With a cup of Dunkin’ as our after dinner dessert, we are able to relax and enjoy the music without missing a beat. Between the two of us we have a rather large selection of vinyl to listen to, and it can be really fun taking turns picking out an album each to listen and dance to. Plus, you can make this one more meaningful by choosing a song that is special to both of you!

Or if you want to up the silliness of your date, you could make it into a karaoke night! Write up a song request list, grab a microphone (or remote control) and sing the night away. All the fun of a karaoke bar, just at home in your living room instead!

Sometimes a date idea can be something that feeds directly into one of our hobbies, like baking a new dessert! If you’ve ever baked, you’ll know how much fun it can be to create a dessert and how fulfilling and tasty it is to be able to eat it once you’ve finished. When something is fun on it’s own, you know it will be even better with your favorite person, even if they are a little messy (looking at you Kyle haha). You can even get creative and make something unexpected like a coffee cake using Dunkin’ coffee!

Another date idea is one we have on a weekly basis, and that’s reading through our books and magazines in the morning for new inspiration and ideas. With a cup of Dunkin’, it makes for the perfect morning routine. It can be really fun to read through our vintage books together and talk about new ideas or look at fun photos for inspiration. We’ve recently been looking at home decor books to help plan out our home remodeling.

If you’re looking for something a little less word heavy, you could try spending time putting together a giant puzzle or playing a board game. We like to play board games on the weekend, and when we do, we turn our phones off so we can focus on the game! It can be refreshing to play through without the interruptions of texts, emails, or calls.

For me, nothing says “great date” like being able to stay in my pajamas, and with Dunkin’, we can enjoy our favorite cup of coffee, too. Haha! These ideas were just the tip of the iceberg for what you can do, and we are always looking for more date suggestions. What are your favorite stay-at-home date ideas, or what’s your favorite activity to help pass extra time?

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  1. I am looking to start a blog for my friend and myself and your blog came up as one of the best. I agree! It’s adorable and bee-u-tah-ful!! Keep being amazing, keep being you! and thanks for the inspiration.

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