#AwwSamCostumeParty 2019 Halloween Roundup!

Holy cow! This year so many of you made our costumes, it was insane! Not only did you recreate some of our newest ones, but there were even some from last year and further back. I’m super proud of all the costumes everyone was able to create, and it makes this Halloween one of the most memorable ever. I have to give a shout out to all the ramen costumes as well, because it wasn’t the easiest to make, even for me and Kyle. You all did a great job showcasing your creativity! It was incredibly cool to see how each person made the costume their own, whether that was adding more details, or making it part of an even bigger group costume!


You can find the tutorial for our ramen costume here!

You can find the tutorials for our s’more and campfire costumes here!

You can find the tutorial for our ball of yarn costume here!

You can find the tutorial for our cotton candy costume here!

You can find the tutorial for our boba tea costume here!

Here are the tutorials for our spaceship, terrarium, popcorn, iced coffee, lava lamp, and tough cookie!

I can’t thank you all enough for the support, seeing what you all were able to create from our tutorials makes all of our hard work sooo worth it! I’m already planning some new and crazy costumes for next year, so if anyone knows how to speed up time until Halloween 2020, please tell me haha! I think you’ll love some of the ones we have planned, and I can’t wait to share them. Until then, I hope everyone had an Aww Sam Halloween! And THANK YOU!!!!

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