Kiki’s Delivery Service Couples Costumes

So many of you have been asking about how to pull together our Kiki and Tombo costumes that we’ve decided to put out a quick blog post to help you out! Of all the charcter costumes we’ve done, I think this is my personal favorite so far, even compared to our Tina and Jimmy Jr. costumes! I grew up watching Kiki’s Delivery Service and all of the Studio Ghibli films, and they hold a special place in my heart. There weren’t many characters in movies or cartoons who looked like me, and Kiki was someone who was totally like a roll model for me. When I met Kyle (and also adopted Sabbath), we knew that a Kiki’s Delivery Service family costume had to happen one day!

The costumes themselves are fairly simple to put together, and almost everything can be bought on Amazon or substituted with items from Amazon, which means fast shipping if you’re doing this last minute! You might even have some items in your closet already for the Tombo costume. We’ve linked all of the sources below, hope to see some of you all in this costume too!

Navy blue dress
Red bow
Red shoes
Large broom
Purse (I sewed my own out of an orange t-shirt)

Red striped shirt
Yellow sweater
High-waisted jeans
Brown shoes
Brown belt

And there you have it! It’s definitely one of our less crafting heavy costumes, but still SO fun to see put together! Plus, nothing beats being able to use all of your costume supplies after Halloween. Kyle has been wearing these jeans non-stop and I’ve been using the broom to sweep our porch haha! Talk about multi-use costumes! And as always, if you all make any of our costumes, be sure to tag us with #awwsamcostumeparty. We do a big round-up at the end of the year!

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