DIY No-Carve Cactus Pumpkins

As some of you may know from our stories, we spent the past week in Palm Springs celebrating our elopement together, enjoying the warm weather, tacos, and of course our favorite plant; the cactus! After being around so many of them, when we got home I knew exactly what I wanted to do for pumpkins around our apartment this year!

How many of you remember one of my first halloween projects, these DIY Cactus Pumpkins? Everyone loved them, but they’re a little outdated and I thought after three years, that’s right THREE whole years (feels like forever ago), we’ve decided to update them for you! 🙂 Plus, they’re no-carve, which means no mess and all of the reward!

Pumpkins in various sizes (we looked for a tall one for the cacti with arms)
Green spray paint
White cardstock paper
Green cardstock paper
Mini honeycomb balls
Hot glue gun


1. Spray paint your pumpkins in your green of choice. While you are waiting for them to dry, cut the cactus arms out of a sheet of green cardstock.

2. Cut white paper Xs out for the cactus needles and hot glue them around the pumpkins.

3. Hot glue mini honeycomb balls in various colors to the top and arms of the pumpkins and place your finished pumpkins around for decoration!


So what do you all think? Did we make them 100 percent more fun? If you are loving our Halloween content this year, then keep your eyes peeled, because I can sense a lot more costumes and projects in your future! What do you think they will be?!

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