DIY Hot Coffee & Drive-Thru Couples Costume + Video

Is anyone else desperately seeking some hot coffee now that there’s a cold bite in the air? Well you’re in luck, because today we are making the hot coffee, and serving it to you too! Our annual Dunkin’ costumes are BACK!!! After last year’s Iced Coffee Costume, and our Donut Queen Costume from two years ago, we decided to show you how to make a steaming cup of your favorite brew, and the drive-thru where you can pick it up. Hellooo second couples costume of the year! You all love a Kyle in costume opportunity!

After learning how to edit and make videos the past few months, we decided to take those skills turn this DIY into a fun video tutorial, donuts not included! Haha! These costumes always involve a lot of steps that are much more comprehensible in video form, so fingers crossed we’ll have more time to make videos for multiple costumes for #awwsamcostumeparty 2019!

White dress
Orange construction paper
Polyester fiberfill stuffing
Utility knife
Hot glue gun
White acrylic paint

This video only shows how to make the hot coffee costume. To make the drive thru costume, we used a cardboard box and cut and painted it to look like a drive thru window. Cut a hole in the cardboard to fit your face, add an awning and a shelf and paint the whole thing in Dunkin’ colors! I’m thinking Kyle would make a good Dunkin’ employee!

After all that hard work, I think it’s time for a coffee break, who agrees? Maybe our next costume should be an espresso shot, then we could use it for our family costume, if our cat agrees to it! In fact, you could probably mix and match any of our donut and coffee themed costumes to make a family costume of breakfast favorites! As a reminder, if you make any of our costumes, be sure to tag them with #awwsamcostumeparty; we share all of your creations in a big round up after Halloween!!!

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