DIY Campfire & S’mores Couples Costume

How many of you have been anxiously awaiting our next DIY costume?! Well you are in luck, because today we are revealing our first couples costume of the year! For these two costumes we combined some of our favorite activities during fall: campfires and s’mores! Instead of Kyle IN the wilds, we totally have Kyle AS the wilds today. Ha! The best part about these is that they utilize a lot of materials you might already have lying around, saving you a trip to the craft store one costume at a time!

Brown acrylic paint in two colors
Dark brown spray paint
Foam tubes (we got these at Michaels)
Foam rectangles (we got these at Michaels)
Foam board
Orange and yellow foam (here)
White cotton ribbon
Hot glue gun
Utility knife

1. Cut your foam tubes to various lengths using a utility knife. Paint them with your brown acrylic paint and allow them to dry completely. Don’t worry about covering the foam all the way, the imperfections help the foam to look more like logs.

2. For the fire, cut teardrop shapes out of orange and yellow foam sheets. Hot glue the bottom of the teardrops together to make them more 3D.

3. Hot glue the logs to one another in a campfire shape, then hot glue the flames to the logs until you’re satisfied with how the fire looks.

4. Cut a strip of ribbon long enough to fit around your waist. Hot glue the ribbon to the inside curve of the fire. Tie the ribbon and fire around your waist and add in a marshmallow on a stick for added comedy!

5. To make the s’more, we cut a 19″ x 19″ square out of foam board. Using a utility knife, cut squares of foam block and hot glue them to the board to resemble a chocolate bar.

6. Once they’re all glued on, cut a hole out of the middle big enough to fit around your waist and a slit in the back so you can get it on. Spray paint the whole board with dark brown spray paint and allow it to dry completely before handling.

7. For the two “graham crackers,” cut two 23″ x 23″ squares out of cardboard. Glue the chocolate bar to one sheet of cardboard and cut a hole out of the middle and back to fit around your waist.

8. With the other cardboard square, cut a hole in the middle to fit over your head. With a sharpie, draw a dotted line down the middle of the board and circles on both sides of the dotted line to make it look like the top of a graham cracker.

9. You can hot glue the top graham cracker to the shoulders of your white shirt for more stability or just let it rest around your neck. Slip on the chocolate bar and bottom graham cracker and you’re a s’more!

Are you ready to go camping now? All we need is Sabbath (our cat) dressed up in a cute tent costume and we are ready for a weekend in the woods! We absolutely love to see when you guys make one of our costumes, so don’t forget to tag #awwsamcostumeparty on Instagram so we can share your versions with the rest of our readers!

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