Update On Our Elopement!

It’s been a while since we talked about our elopement over here but it’s only 34 DAYS AWAY GUYS!!!! Ahhh! We still have a ton of stuff to do beforehand, but we’re almost good to go. I’m freaking out a little internally making sure everything goes to plan, and our absence over on the blog lately totally has to do with the fact that I’ve been writing a hundred emails and making A LOT of phone calls (phone calls are the worst!) BUT, today I wanted to talk a little about what the word “elope” means to us, how our plans have changed, and what’s left for us to do before the big day! We’ve gotten a lot of questions like, “well if you’re eloping, why do you need to plan anything,” or “aren’t you not supposed to tell anyone when you elope?” Let’s get into it!

I’ve definitely never been the type of person to dream about ever having a big wedding, frankly, I never thought about marriage at all! And while my friends meticulously planned out their future weddings when I was younger, I had no idea what I would do if I ever got married. After meeting Kyle and getting engaged, we talked a lot about what our plans would be like. We both love traveling, so would we do a destination wedding? Would we have a church wedding? Who would we invite? When we talked about eloping, it always seemed more exciting to us than any other option, but eloping means something different to every couple, so we had to figure out what would make the most sense for us!

In the technical sense, “to elope” means “to run away,” but modern times have linked it directly to weddings and marriage. People use “elope” to describe a few different scenarios nowadays: getting married without telling anyone at all, conducting the ceremony with just the two of you after having informed others about your plans, or having a very small affair with a few close witnesses. All of these can be done at a courthouse, among other venue options! Unless you’re doing the absolute bare minimum for your elopement, there will still be a few elements to plan for: travel, lodging, venue, and attire will have to be accounted for. If you have elected to conduct the most basic ceremony, you will still need to be prepared with legal documents, such as birth certificates and a marriage license plus other documentation depending on your state’s laws!

Ultimately we landed on getting our license in NYC and then going to Vegas when the weather there got cooler for photos (which you can read more about here) BUT we hit a snag last month that required some regrouping! Even though we aren’t going to have a big ceremony, we still wanted to plan some beautiful photos we could remember the day by. You might remember from our last update, I was hoping to find a vintage pink convertible to fill with flowers, wellll that vintage pink convertible in Vegas had already been booked for months for a movie shoot. I was bummed for a while, and finding a vintage pink car to rent was proving harder than you think it would be! After days searching online and calling different sources, I found a vintage pink Cadillac (not a convertible sadly, but in perfect condition) near the Palm Springs area that’s used for wine tours! Ha!

We settled on Palm Springs as our final destination after we get our NYC marriage license, rented a gorgeous house in PS for a few days, hired the incredible Alana Jones-Mann to make a small shag cake out of the above floral print, found a florist, a photographer, and now we’re almost ready with everything! Our florist and photographer will be the only two people with us on October 10th, and we decided to waive a wedding ceremony and just keep our Palm Springs trip reserved for photos and fun before we have to get back to work and into the busy Holiday season.

Today we’re headed to the tailor to get both of our outfits fitted (yes, that’s a sneak peek of mine above shhh), and the only thing we have left to do is plan a small party for our immediate families when we return. I guess you can say I did do a fair amount of planning for an elopement, and I’ve felt a lot of pressure to make this amazing Instagram-worthy, huge, rainbow wedding, but we went with what made the most sense for us, and I absolutely can’t wait to spend a special day with just Kyle when the time comes! Wish us luck on our fittings today!!! And leave any other questions for us in the comments below! I’m an open book!!

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  1. I am so excited for you guys! I’m so glad you’re doing exactly what you two want, because that’s all that matters. People get really opinionated about weddings and marriages, and it’s quite strange, but it’s important that YOU are happy with everything and know that at the end of the day you’re meant to be enjoying yourself! I hope you love every moment of it ☺️💕

  2. I love the way your elopement is tailored to make your wedding most enjoyable and perfect just for the two of you! My husband and I did something similar when we eloped two years ago, and you are totally right about the planning. A good elopement takes some major planning! Congratulations – I am so sure you both will be dazzlingly happy together!

    P.S. I am really looking forward to some holiday diy ideas when you both get back.

  3. It sounds like a dreamy wedding day for the two of you! Have fun making memories as you begin your joUrney as a MARRIED couple!

  4. I’m so happy you chose to do something that fits you as a coupLe. I know you will really get to enjoy each other and your special day/week. My husband and i eloped 15 years ago and i don’t regret it! I always tell engaged couples the size of your wedding does not indicate the length of your marriage. Bigger isn’t better for everyone! So here’s to the cutest, most colorful couple I know, and doing it your way! Xoxo

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