Answering Your Questions About Our Style!

Ever since I started my blog, people have been curious about my sense of style. I always get asked about my fashion and clothing choices; what inspires me and why I choose the colorful outfits I do. When I can, I try to give answers and help others get a glimpse into my personal style and how I pick out the outfits I wear.

If you watch our stories on Instagram, then you know that a few weeks ago, we gave all of you the chance to ask us questions about our style and fashion. Today we are going to answer them all! If you’ve ever wondered how we dressed as kids, or if we are ever nervous about a new look, then keep reading! All those questions and more will be answered now!

Q: What was your style like when you were a kid?
S: As a kid, my mom dressed me in a lot of cute and fashionable clothes! By the time I reached middle school and started dressing more for myself, I still tended to wear things that were inspired by some of those looks, but also began to incorporate my own brand of unique, whether it was a fun skirt or leggings.
K: When I was younger, I wore a lot of nerdy clothing. I had Star Wars shirts, and Dragon Ball Z button ups. I once wore an all orange outfit to school, no one thought it was very cool. By the time I reached high school I was wearing a lot of dark clothing to reflect my emo-ness, but I also loved having bright, colorful band tees with punchy graphics to go with my skin tight skinny jeans.

Q: Did you two always dress so colorfully? Were/are you ever self conscious when wearing a “bold” look?
S: I’ve always dressed boldly and eccentrically, even from a young age! I was a big fan of fashion when I was younger, and was always on the Teen Vogue forums in high school trying to get inspired and share my crazy looks. When I moved to NYC I went through a black and grey phase, which I think everyone in the city tends to go through. After that phase ended I went back to my roots and went all out with the colors and patterns that I had experimented with in high school.
K: I wouldn’t say I dressed “colorfully” when I was younger, or even in college, but I didn’t wear all black. I’ve always liked pops of color in my clothes, and even when I want to be rugged and wear flannel everyday, it still has lots of color! There was a time where I was a little self conscious wearing bold colors and outfit choices, and I think that mainly came from how men can be considered odd if they wear those colors. Luckily, I realized that if it’s what I want to wear, I shouldn’t care what others think, so long as it makes me happy.

Q: Where do you shop for your clothing? Where does Kyle get his bright colored pants & shorts?
S: My go-to clothing stores are probably ASOS, Forever21 and a ton of smaller online shops. I also love finding vintage pieces from thrift and antique stores! We actually did a guide to vintage shopping online and in NYC.
K: All of my pants tend to come from ASOS! They have a huge range of sizes, and lots of colors and patterns. They are one of the few places that carry a size small enough for my waist, but long enough for my legs.

Q: How do you find colorful and fun things in shops?
S: I always keep an eye out for colorful anything, wherever I go! It also helps to shop in places that tend to sell things with more color, like ASOS, or from places that are inspired by color, whether that’s a small boutique or a a big retailer! Places like Target have also started selling more colorful and fun dresses and tops, including some of my current favorite outfits. The best thing to do is just always be on the lookout for anything that speaks to you! If I find a shirt that isn’t my size I try to find the retailer online to check if they have it somewhere else!

Q: If you each had to choose only one color to wear for a lifetime of monochromatic looks, what would it be?
S: Yellow! If I was stuck wearing one color it would have to be yellow, because you can never get sick of sunshine! Ha! It always brightens my day when I’m in yellow, so if I had to wear something for the rest of my life, it would have to be the color that makes me smile the most!
K: Honestly, I’d probably say pink. The range of tones that pink has, from a light almost skin like hue, to a deep dark magenta, would allow me a lot of looks with just the one color. Pink can be in your face, but it can also be delicate and subtle!

Q: Have you ever met someone who didn’t agree with your style?
S: I don’t know if anyone has ever disagreed with our style, but we definitely get looks when we are on the subway or walking down the street! Most of the time people don’t say anything unless it’s nice, which is great! Even people who may not agree with our outfits tend to respect that it is how we dress. Plus, we know that when we walk into a room, all eyes are on us! 😉

Q: Where do you look for inspiration in your fashion? From magazines, stores or completely your own idea?
S: When it comes to inspiration, I go back to the 60’s and 70’s. I absolutely love the clothing that came from those decades, and that is what inspires me on a daily basis! Floral patterns, bold colors and inventive prints are my favorite thing to wear, and that is where they originated. I also like looking at trends from the 20’s and 50’s too, but I would say all of my inspiration really comes from the past.
K: I tend to look at what is currently in style, from my favorite TV shows and movies (think Riverdale, Mad Men and Westerns), to magazines( GQ, Esquire); however I also like to look backwards in time to see what was fashionable in the 60’s or 20’s and try to modernize it. That way I can have an almost “timeless” look that for me, still feels fun.

Q: Did Kyle dress colorfully before he met you? If not, how did he introduce color into his wardrobe?
S: Kyle’s Tinder pictures were him in a purple tank top, white patterned short sleeve button up and blue hat. He wasn’t missing color, but I’m not sure that he knew what to do with it either. I tried to help him find pieces that complemented each other, and let him choose how to wear them comfortably.
K: I don’t think you could call my wardrobe before I met Sam colorful, but it wasn’t due to disliking color. I didn’t really know how to shop for any clothing, so most of what I owned was from JCrew, which has some color, or band merch. Once I met Sam, she introduced me to ASOS and other online retailers, and I was able to find colorful clothes that I loved and that fit me.

Q: Do you ever think about creating your own fashion line?
S: Here’s a fun fact that you may not know about me! I originally went to college for fashion design. I started college in Michigan at a fashion school, but after a year I felt like it wasn’t the right direction for me, so I changed majors and applied to Parson’s in NYC. That being said, I’ve never stopped loving fashion. If I ever got the chance to make an Aww Sam fashion line I think I would definitely do it!

Q: How do you wear color without coming across as childish?
S: I think the best way to wear color and dodge the label of childish is to wear it confidently. People may think that color is childish, or immature, but if you are confident in what you wear then people will respect your choices. Being bold and colorful isn’t childish, it’s fun; it’s also courageous to dress the way you want, even if it isn’t what is expected of you. If that’s what you want to do, then do it!

Q: How do you both manage to always dress so boldly?
S: Honestly, I don’t ever think of how I dress as being bold. I dress the way that makes me feel happy and confident; in a rainbow dress, or an all pink outfit, as long as it is what I want, that is all that matters! It also helps when you have friends who appreciate your sense of style too! If everyone you know wears color and enjoys it, then it’s easier for you to dress how you want!
K: It’s easy when you have the help of a pro like Sam! I usually find that when Sam wears something fun and bold, I want to match her. On occasion, I’ll even try to outdo her and be even more bold or colorful. As long as I feel comfortable in what I wear and how it looks, I tend to not think as much about what others will think and just go for it.

Photos by Mary Costa

Everyone had such great questions, it was a blast responding to them all. We answered as many as we could, hopefully you got the answers you were looking for; if not, ask them below, and maybe we will do a second post with new questions!

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  1. So how long have you been dating and do you see it going forward into a lasting relationship. You are both so cute together

    1. Hi Val!
      We’ve been together for 2 years and we’re actually engaged, so we definitely think this is a lasting relationship! We’re slated to get married in October. 🙂 xoSam

  2. I love, love, love these photos of you. Nothing makes me happier than two people who bring out the best in each other, and it really seems like you both do! ☺️

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