8 Of My Favorite Activewear Sets

If you’ve been watching our stories recently, you’ll know it’s been a rainy mess here in NYC for the past two weeks! Since we are stuck inside all day, we haven’t been able to get all our normal walking in, from our favorite taco shop by the water to the gelato place around the corner and all the way back home. The rainy days can really kill my mood and make it difficult to want to do things, whether it’s for work or just for fun. One of the best solutions I’ve found is doing yoga to give me that extra pep.

It can be hard to get out of bed sometimes, but I know that after I do yoga in the morning I always feel better the rest of the day. Something that helps me stay motivated to wake up and get my workout on is being able to wear a cute outfit. Having an awesome and colorful outfit to do yoga in is sort of like bringing your own small bit of sunshine to the day, and it helps you stay awake. We like to watch Youtube yoga practices, because it means we can do them wherever we have wifi, whether it’s at The Saguaro in Palm Springs or a camper in Atlanta. Our favorite yoga videos are by Yoga With Adriene, she has videos for every occasion and she’s SUPER funny. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed about starting yoga or what it even is, her videos are a great resource, and she even has a month challenge that increases in difficulty and turns you into a pro. Check her out!

Ice Cream: Top, Bottom // Pink Color Block: Top, Bottom (I’m wearing above) // Powder Blue: Top, Bottom // Bow Detail: Top, Bottom // Striped Turtleneck: Top, Bottom // Pink Ruffle: Top, Bottom // Watercolor Sunset: Top, Bottom // Rainbow Stripe: Top, Bottom

Now that I have an outfit for each day of the week, it’s time to work on Kyle’s yoga wardrobe! Ha! My favorite pose has to be cat cow, I think it’s the best way to work into your routine, and get you ready to stretch. What about yours? If you have any other colorful workout gear recommendations, let us know!

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  1. SO cute (as always) and I LOVE Yoga with Adriene!! Hers is the only yoga I’m willing to follow!

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