Inside Museum Of Ice Cream’s Pint Shop

Sorry for being a little MIA here this week, I talked about it over on Instagram, but we’re moving to a new studio one street over from our current one because of a rent increase, so we’ve been in packing mode! We did, however, manage to take a break to go visit Museum of Ice Cream’s new Pint Shop that just opened here in NYC!!! We love the MOIC crew (we’ve been to every location except Miami) and in my opinion, they have always gone above and beyond in design and concept compared to every other one of these types of experiences. Not to mention, literally anything involving ice cream is my cup of tea!

We took a TON of photos and are talking about our favorite parts below! And if you’re coming to NYC anytime before August, make sure to go check out the Pint Shop and grab a pint of the Cherrylicious for me! (The best part is, you don’t need tickets to get in!) Hope you like our little tour!

We started off in the tasting room (this is the only portion of the experience where you need tickets) and got to try all of their new flavors of ice cream. As I’ve already mentioned above but have absolutely no problem mentioning again haha, the Cherrylicious was definitely my favorite and Kyle liked the Vanillionaire and Pinata. If you’re able to get tickets, definitely go to the tasting, I learned a lot about ice cream making and vanilla that I had never known before! Plus, they give you a pink lab coat to wear through the whole tasting; the best kind of scientist!

There were amazing aisles of MOIC merch, a lot of you were asking where I got the sprinkle patterned umbrella in my stories, and I bought it right in the shop! I don’t know about you, but I think we should start a petition to get all grocery stores this colorful and monochromatic! 😉

The sprinkle pool was back in full SWING *wink, wink* inside of a giant carton of ice cream! There were three different cartons set up; bananas, sprinkle pool, and a cherry ball pit. The cherry ball pit was extremely popular and had a HUGE line, so if you’re looking forward to snapping a few pics in the cherries, just a heads up that you’ll have to wait!

Photos by Kyle Larsen

Outfit Details:

Banana Earrings // Rainbow Dress // Pink Heels

Kyle obviously dressed in his ice cream best too (both his shirt and pants as Asos). We had a blast and can’t wait to see where the next Museum of Ice Cream location pops up! Oh, and for those of you that haven’t heard yet, MOIC has a clothing collection with Target kids out! If you’re short like me, the XL pants and tops fit just like an adult small!!!

Hope you like these NYC adventures, let me know in the comments below if you want to see more posts like this one!

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