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It’s Friday Friday gotta get down on FRIDAYYYYYY!!! On this lovely Spring Friday, we are going to be talking to @kawaiiguy Jon Brence, the husband of kawaii Instagrammer Chrissa Sparkles. Are you ready to learn some stuff about gaming and cats? GOOD! Let’s get this interview started!

Q: What’s your wife’s social media?
A: Instagram:@chrissasparkles
Website: Chrissa Sparkles

Q: How did you two first meet?
A: I met Chrissa at an event that we both were mutually invited to (Rune Boutique – a showcase of Japanese fashion/inspired jewelry with performance by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu). Chrissa was being creeped on by the equivalent of George Costanza, so I walked over and engaged her in conversation. We went out for milkshakes afterwards and we immediately hit it off 🙂

Q: To the rescue! And what’s the theme of her Insta?
AChrissa believes in making the world cuter every day. She expresses herself with bright pops of color (loves pink) and embracing personal beauty. Its a fusion of pop art, street/kawaii fashion.

Q: Do you ever work with her on it? How often?
A: As a manager in the digital landscape (rep major YouTube/IG clients), I try to keep a balance of when I work with her and when I don’t. I don’t want our relationship to be entirely business. I help her with photography when we’re at events, theme parks or on trips together. Usually a few photos a week. Otherwise, she has a brilliant creative team that she regularly works with.

Q: So, when did you first get involved with her social media?
A: As soon as her Instagram started to get lift. I advise/help where I can, especially with the curation/maintenance of her community and overall look/feel.

Q: So you have your own job as a manager?
A: Yup! I started out as a full time YouTube creator for about five years that lead me into management of my groups at the time. I now represent about 15 clients that range from 300k followers to 14 million. My day is absorbed in algorithms, strategies, brand deals and all of the drama that comes with social media.

Q: That’s a ton of clients! I know you have two cats as well, care to tell us about them and why cats are better than dogs(haha)?
A: Kermie and Fozzie are the best! As full-time creatives, we are often traveling but we wanted companionship that didn’t require us to always be home. They’re independent characters that also love a good cuddle. Highly recommend Persian cats in that they act a lot like dogs (will follow you around, sleep with you, etc).

Q: I’ve heard that you’re a pretty big gamer, is that true? Tell us a little about your favorite console/game combo.
A: Video games were effectively my third parent growing up. I was a huge Nintendo fan as a kid and grew up with every console since then. My favorite console is the Super Nintendo and I believe the best game ever made is EarthBound – which influenced my home collection of merchandise for the very rare title.

Q: Classic choice! I’m a big fan of wearing striped shirts like Ness from Earthbound myself. I’ve seen a twitch feed of yours, can you explain what you do on it, and why you enjoy it?
ATwitch is the closest experience to a live theatrical show. As a performer, it creates a beautiful direct exchange with an audience that honestly curated content cannot replicate. I have been doing live shows for now about 11 years on a variety of platforms, and since I became a Twitch Partner about 9 months ago, I have been hosting a two-three hour show every weeknight and during weekend mornings. It’s a positive community that has grown into brilliant friendships.

Q: That’s awesome! I’m sure a lot of people have never thought of it in that way. Do you have any other secret talents or personal projects that you enjoy working on?
AI love designing/programming video games and constructing arcade cabinets. I usually try to do one or two a year – sometimes for brands (like Oakley and Toyota). I built a fighting game for Chrissa and I’s wedding (wanted it so that the only fight our guests would see during our wedding day would be in the arcade cabinet). Would love to do more of those for sure 🙂

Designing and building arcade cabinets?! That’s the stuff I live for. Maybe he can make a classic Mario one for our apartment? (I’m a big Mario fan, if you didn’t know, because we both have mustaches!) It’s always great meeting another video game lover, and for those of you interested in his twitch feed it’s Kawaii Guy LA!

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