It’s My 26th Birthday!!!

Wow, does time fly! Things have changed so much since this time last year, and we’ve hit so many milestones!  To celebrate my birthday, we did a photoshoot with this amazing vintage jumpsuit I scored yesterday and a whole bunch of rainbow balloons of course. So many big things happened in the last year, from getting engaged to renting out our first studio space. 25 was probably the year I worked the hardest I’ve ever worked, and I’m heading into 26 with some even bigger goals (cough house cough)! To all my fellow May and Taurus birthdays, a HUGE Happy Birthday to all of you too, I wish I could give each and every one of you a balloon!

Photos by Kyle Larsen

Jumpsuit (Vintage 60’s) // Earrings

We’re heading over to Asbury Park for a day of pinball and nice weather before a week of rain hits. And I’ll definitely be eating my fair share of cake and ice cream along the way! We’ll be documenting the day, so make sure to follow along over on Instagram stories! Here’s to another colorful year!!!

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  1. happy Birthday! you’re an inspiration sam! im 24 going on 25 and i’m embarking on my own journey of self employment. you’ve always been someone i’ve looked at for motivation. I hope your next year is as fruitful as your last!

  2. Oh Sam, you look so incredibly beautiful and happy in these photos, I love them! I’m so glad this has been a great year for you and I can’t wait to see what you do next. All the best to you and Kyle for the future 💕

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