Fun Coloring Pages For Instagram Stories

Raise your hands if you love Instagram stories! We are huge Insta stories fans around here (I spend wayyy more time on them than I want to admit), and today we are giving you one more reason to love them! If you’ve ever watched any of mine you know I also love to design, and post colorful stories. A while back, we put out a blog post (here) that had a ton of cool, Aww Sam inspired coloring pages for everyone to download and color, and today we are sharing something inspired directly by those. Sooooo, to help bring a little extra fun into your stories, we designed some awesome coloring pages just for Instagram stories! You can upload them to your stories and color them, and add gifs and stickers right on stories, then share your creations with all of your friends. If you’ve seen the question templates going around, we wanted to create something in similar vein to those that could be really interactive for all of you and a fun stress reliever mid-day! We have the link to download them below or check out our Insta stories today to screenshot the coloring pages directly for sharing.

This is one I completed using the coloring tools on stories, involving cake of course! Ha! Just a few tips for you all if you’re looking to get clean lines: the eraser tool is your best friend!!!! Seriously. You all know it’s hard to color on Instagram, which is why we have templates ranging in difficulty, but it’s actually super easy to color on stories if you color outside of the lines and then use the eraser tool to erase any color that ventured outside of the lines.


Cake // Flamingo // Milkshake // Ice Cream // Friday

Aren’t these fun?! I can’t wait to see what kind of masterpieces everyone makes, and maybe I’ll post the best ones on my stories! 🙂 Make sure to leave a comment if there are anymore coloring pages you’d like to see made for stories and tag us on Instagram in all of your creations!

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  1. These are all ADORABLE. I saved them for when I’m feeling creative – or if I’m stuck in a waiting room or something 😂

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