#Awwpartment: Living Room Reveal

Our living room reveal is FINALLY here!!! Whew! It’s been a long time coming with this one! After so many previews and such a long wait, we are ready to show you all our living room makeover! It’s taken weeks to pull it all together, and it was important to us that the space reflected both of our personalities, without looking like a total mess! The end result is what I like to think of as the intersection of both of our personal styles: the 1960’s bursts of pink and bright colors for me, and early 70’s wooden and sunset color scheme for Kyle. This was a joint effort all around and I’m really proud of how transformed it looks! Hopefully you’ll agree, and find as much fun in it as we do!

Above is the other side of our living room, with the pink door leading into our bedroom. This area was tough to figure out because we were essentially using this space as just a “hallway” to get to our bedroom before. When we were trying to decide on bookshelves for this area, everything was taking up too much room, so we thought our best option would be installing wall shelving to save floor space! My dream scenario would be to install built ins in the corner all the way around the door, but since we’ll only be renting this apartment for two more years, we went a cheaper route and bought these modular shelves from Ikea (link to them below)! Kyle loves to read, so I thought we could add a chair and some rugs to make it more cozy and turn the corner into a little reading nook!

One of my favorite parts about this room is that when you’re sitting on the couch facing the mirror, you can see our shelving system and all of our little trinkets reflecting in the mirror.

There are a few things in this room we did a little DIY to. Our floor lamp was originally a dark brown and I decided we didn’t like how it looked, so we ended up painting the legs white, which works SO much better than the original color! We also created our own tassels for that vintage mid mod chair. I found it on Etsy, and it was the perfect size to fit in our little reading nook, but I wanted to add some color to it without ruining the whole chair with a bucket of paint. After making some over-sized tassels, we tied them to the back of the chair, which means they’re easily removable too if I ever decide they need to go! Super simple!!

Our console cabinet is also from Ikea, but it felt a little too plain compared to the way the rest of the room felt, so I bought some handles and legs from Pretty Pegs (their company is literally genius) and installed those! I don’t know about you all, but I can’t even tell it was originally from Ikea now, looks instantly so much more expensive!

I still can’t get over these gold door knobs. We removed the screws from the old door handles and replaced them with these. It was such a small, simple change, but it’s made a HUGE difference in how our space looks altogether, and when we move it will be easy to put the old door handles back on and bring these gold ones with us on our next adventure!

We always knew we wanted some kind of floor to ceiling shelving, so we started collecting objects a few months ago to fill the shelves with. That photo of me on the beach is from one of our first trips to LA and the pink Cadillac we found in Atlanta last month!

There you have it! It’s so surreal to see photos of what our space looked like a year ago; it doesn’t even feel like the same apartment. It’s amazing what a few rugs, some plants, and a little paint can do! It feels so nice now to finally have a space that we both love living in and that I feel like represents both of our styles equally. I hope you guys love it as much as we do!!! Wish we could have all of you come visit! (P.S. make sure to check out the extensive source list below and leave me a comment if there’s something you can’t find!)


Shelving System // Floor Lamp (we painted it white) // Wicker Chair (Vintage from Etsy) // Pink Sofa // Coffee Table // Small Bookshelf // Turquoise Chairs // Floor Mirror (Old West Elm) // White Cabinet // Round Mirror // Geo Wire Plant Stand (Old Arro Home) // Round Plant Stand (Old West Elm) // Light Pink Ottoman // Round Wicker Lamp // Wooden Lantern // Wooden Ladder


Floor Pillow // Turquoise Pillow // Cactus Pillow // Pink Cactus Pillow // Shell Pillow (Vintage)

Bowls and Baskets:

Yellow Woven Basket // Blush Woven Basket // Tassel Basket // Colorful Woven Basket // Plain Woven Baskets // Woven Bowl

Vases and Planters:

Orange Triangle Planter // White Vases // Trophy Planters (DIY Here) // Orange Geo Planter // Faux Cactus // Shell Vase (Vintage) // Yellow Geo Planter // Faux Succulents // Faux Tree (Target) // Large Yellow Jar // Large Leaf Print Vase (Old Anthropologie)


Pink Round Rug // Colorful Shag Rug // Morroccan Rug (Vintage from Etsy)

Decor Objects:

    Wooden Peace Sign // Mint Green Cactus // Rattan Mirror // Instax Holder // Pink Cadillac (Vintage) // Wooden Candle Holders // Colorful Horseshoe // Gold Cactus Object // Wooden Clock // Teapot (Old Anthropologie) //  Yellow Striped Tray // Instax Frame

Hardware and Paint:

Wall Paint (Behr Sunshine) // Gold Door Knobs // Door Paint (Behr Creamy Peach) // Wooden Cabinet Knobs // Wooden Cabinet Legs

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13 Responses

  1. Im a newbie to the blog aNd instagram but whY only two more years in your apartmenT? Its beautiful!

    1. Hi Amanda!
      Thank you so much! We’re just renting now, so we’re planning on buying a house in a few years! 🙂 xoSam

  2. Looks great. That is a lot of different COLORs that I wouldn’t have nec. PUT together but I love that you went bold. Can’t believe those turquoise chairs are Target! They make the room (and the hot pink couch).

  3. OMG this is so adorable. I feel like it’s right out of the 60s and so cheerful. just what we need in this world of ours today. I love it! you couldn’t help but wake up with a smile on your face everyday with this decor.

    1. Hi Barbara!
      Funny story, the pipes were actually like that when we moved in. It’s required by law here for the fire department, haha!

  4. i’ve never thought teal blue could bring so much balance and not be a burden between all these colors. everything looks super-refreshing and uplifting.

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