How Kyle And I Met Part 2

Here it is! All of you have been asking for a sequel to our “First Date” story, and after the great response we got to it, we knew we had to give you more. Prepare to have all your burning questions answered!

I bet the suspense has been killing you! What happened after that terrible kiss Kyle? Well I’m here to answer all your questions and more! Let’s start with the end of that night again, I was really feeling great about how the whole date went, despite that terrible kiss, and as I went to bed I thought “Wow, that was such a great date! Maybe that girl will end up marrying me!” Maybe I thought that, maybe I didn’t but we all know the answer now! When I woke up the next morning I immediately texted Sam and told her how much fun I had, and I asked when I could see her again. I was anxious to see if she would respond, because sometimes terrible kisses can outweigh awesome dates. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to wait long for her answer.

She texted back saying she was available to hang that night! Crazy! Who is available two nights in a row? I spent my whole day at work counting down the hours until I got to see her again, and I wondered what would she be wearing, and would she go for another kiss? After what felt like forever, work ended, and I rushed home to clean my self up. We decided to just hang out at my place again, and order food in. I was terrified. I lived with 4 roommates and my new cat, Sabbath, my room smelled like cat litter and it hadn’t been cleaned in weeks. The rest of the shared living space was even worse off, so I set about lighting a candle in my room and sweeping, making my bed and doing anything possible to make my room look presentable. Then I tried to fix up my living room, to at least be semi-decent. When she finally arrived I was so excited, and honestly, the night is a blur now. We listened to even more records, watched Over The Garden Wall and a bunch of other shows. I even went in for a better kiss, and this time I nailed it. By the time I checked the clock it was super late and she headed home. When I woke up the next morning for work, I texted her and told her I was playing hooky and wanted to see her again. She responded with” I’m headed over” and I was head over heels for her. We spent the whole day hanging out, watching movies and eating junk food and cuddling; she even fell asleep on my chest at one point…awwwww. And I couldn’t ever get her to leave after that! Hahaha.

Now she is my fiance, and we still eat junk food and listen to vinyl, and even though lots of things have changed, the cute stuff is still the same, and that’s all I care about!

After that awful first kiss (if you’re not caught up, that’s where we left off last time) and the car ride home, Kyle had texted me to make sure I got home alright, which just goes to show how thoughtful and sweet he is. Little things like that always make a difference to me. When I got home I told my roommate the whole story of how the night unfolded; nice conversation, jokes, good food, BUT also the chicken wing fingers and that horrific, unforgettable kiss. I would definitely consider myself more of an awkward person, so I was trying to think of that kiss as a product of two awkward people rather than a testament to how our relationship would be. I wasn’t 100% set on going on another date, but my roommate convinced me to give it another shot. We basically owe our whole relationship to him. Ha!

We texted the next morning and we agreed to hang out again in a more casual setting after Kyle got home from work. Looking back on it now, I can’t even remember what we talked about or what we ate on the second date. I think it was tacos? Probably tacos. All I know was that I was having a much better time. Kyle was making me laugh A LOT and I loved his cynical, sarcastic sense of humor. I was definitely glad I gave it another chance, and I think at some point during the night we even joked about how bad our first kiss was. If you can both joke about it later, it’s so much easier to be able to move past it, right? We talked well into the AM forgetting that we both had work the next morning and I left feeling like a real relationship with this guy was extremely promising. Oh, we also kissed again (duh), and it was leaps and bounds better than the first one. I had to make sure to add that in in case you think that we are just eternally willing to put up with incompatible kisses.

He decided to skip work, and I didn’t have anything pressing due so I went back over in the morning and ordered breakfast. We were in the middle of a snowstorm in NYC so it was the perfect day to sit in bed and eat pancakes. It was also the day the new season of Black Mirror came out so we started out watching that, and moved onto Over The Garden Wall after we found out we both had a mutual love for the animated show. Side note: all you Over The Garden Wall fans, Kyle still has an instax photo he took of me from that day where I’m trying to make my face look like the rock fact rock. Ha! I felt so comfortable around him already that I actually fell asleep on his shoulder as we watched tv.

One bad kiss and chicken wing fingers didn’t ruin this relationship and we were pretty much inseparable ever since. We were around each other so much that all four of his roommates would ask “when’s the wedding?” every time they saw us together. I guess they were onto something though, because here we are now!


Hopefully we answered all the questions you were wondering about! Even though that second date happened over a year ago, it totally feels like it was just yesterday. Thinking back on how we met now just makes sense, and just goes to show that even weirdos like us can find love, especially when it’s covered in chicken wing sauce!

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  1. I love, love, love posts like these. I am such a sucker for love and am always up for hearing about how two people met. I have loved watching your relationship grow via what you share online, and it always makes me smile to see you two so happy together! Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you two.

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