DIY Small Accomplishment Trophy Planters

Do you ever have one of those days when doing anything is a struggle? Then today’s DIY is for you! I constantly have a hard time doing the silliest things, like putting on pants or washing dishes, and when I finally do it, I want to be celebrated! Seriously, does anyone ever REALLY want to put on pants?? Ha! That’s where these trophies come in handy! Whether it’s for keeping your new houseplant alive, or only hitting snooze twice before finally getting up in the morning, keep these nearby to reward yourself!

Plus, these are so easy to make, you could reward yourself with one just for “Finishing my DIY Trophy.” We were inspired by my friend Adam’s egg cup for Fishs Eddy that you can find right over here! We’re turning ours into succulent planters, but if you’re not the best at remembering to water your plants (me), then you can totally use them to hold desk objects or trinkets too.

Ceramic Trophies (Here)
Craft paint
Small plants
Vinyl sticker paper


1.  Choose your paint colors and set your trophies up, we chose pink, coral, mint, and sea foam green.

2. Paint your trophy the color you want. You’ll have to do 2 coats depending on the paint you use.

3. After the paint dries, cut the letters out for your trophy and apply them. We used a cricut to cut out our letters, but you can buy small letter stickers to use too.

4. Take some fresh soil and add it to your trophy. Then, take your small plant out of it’s planter and place it in the trophy, filling in soil around the plant. That’s it!

Time to celebrate! My favorite trophy is the #1 Napper, and I consider myself the olympic champion when it comes to naps, ask Kyle! What are some small accomplishments you think should be rewarded?

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  1. This is the kind of craft I needed today! and I know others who could use it too – what a fun gift. thank you!

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