Dessert Hack: Cactus Sno Balls

Today we are giving you an easy and super fun dessert hack, featuring my favorite plant, cacti! Everyone knows I’m a sucker for succulents, and we are always trying to come up with new cactus themed desserts here on the blog.

Our dessert hack series is forever a fun one for me, and it’s one that a lot of you seem to love to since the projects are super easy and accessible. Each dessert hack usually starts with me scouring the grocery stores isles for something I can re-imagine! I came across these green sno balls (did you know they sell pink and green ones?!) and I thought that the sno ball needed a makeover, so we’re showing you how to make cactus sno balls! They literally take 5 minutes to make, no joke, so let’s get going!

Sno balls
Green food coloring
Small unused paintbrush
Long, white sprinkles
Sugar flowers (here)


1.  We used green sno balls, but if you can’t find the green ones, mix green food coloring with a little bit of water. With an unused paintbrush, paint the sno ball green.

2. Push the white sprinkles into the sno ball, scattering them around to make the sno ball look like a cactus.

3. Put a small amount of icing on the back of a sugar flower and place it on the top of the cactus. Enjoy!


If you’re loving our cactus-themed desserts, you should go check out these cactus macarons and our cactus donuts! I could definitely see all of these looking really cute together on a dessert table at a party. That would be one party that wouldn’t succ! (Had to get one pun in there) Ha!

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