A Tale of Two Closets: 60’s/70’s Inspired Looks

It was the best of fashion, it was the worst of fashion. It was the age of chic, it was the age of drab. It’s a tale of two closets, and the wonders they hold, open you eyes and watch their outfits unfold!…or come off of hangers or out of drawers. Haha!

If you haven’t guessed it yet, this is the first in a series of posts where Kyle and I share looks and outfits from our closets! I always have a ton of people asking about my outfits and looks, and recently Kyle has been stepping up his fashion game up too. Since everyone seems interested in our styles, we thought we would start a new series where we share couples outfits that are matching/coordinated! This week we are focusing on 60’s and 70’s inspired outfits, which, if you didn’t know, are my two FAVORITE style decades.

Kyle here, and I’m going to give you the lowdown on this awesome look I pulled together! For me, I tend to draw a lot of outfit inspiration from the 1970’s, and this outfit manages to highlight some of my favorite trends from that era. Just a little background for y’all. I really get all my ideas from two sources: Dazed and Confused and That 70’s Show. The way I see it, these two really have a wide range of looks and styles to pull from, plus they are SOLID entertainment! Alright alright alright!

Now on to the look! I’m wearing my favorite “Always Tired” ringer shirt, which is one of my 3 favorite shirts, mainly because it is actually part of a pajama set (read: COMFY)! Ringer shirts are my favorite type of tee, because the sleeves and collar give nice pops of color and also elevate it past a basic graphic tee. I paired it with a lighter wash pair of jeans, to go for that vintage fade look, which always looks great with a nice tee, especially if it’s a vintage ringer ;). On my feet are Vans Old Skools, which go perfect with my shirt and are also great for when you want to hit the halfpipe on your skateboard! I also have one of my signature accessories; my radical kerchief, in a nice mustard yellow, to really go with the warmer colors in the shirt. I wouldn’t be anything without my kerchiefs! And then the icing on the top of this bodacious cake, an ivory corduroy button up! I love things that evoke “Americana” and western-inspired pieces are one of those things that seem to really speak to me. To be honest, I think the texture in the shirt really gives an extra punch to the whole ensemble!

Sam here, now for my picks! I didn’t go as in depth with the research into my look, so it was a little easier to choose my outfit. After I saw what Kyle had pulled together I tried to choose a look that would be complementary. I think you all know that when it comes to my inspiration, I already love 60’s and 70’s styles, and I don’t need to have as much guidance for my outfits. To make sure that my pieces are in tune with the eras, I try to use actual vintage items that help ground them, as well as modern things that make sure they don’t seem too dated.

For this outfit I started with an actual vintage skirt that I absolutely love, and really pulls from the floral aesthetics of the 60s! I thought the orange, pink, and ivory pattern really went well with Kyle’s button up and tee. Plus, I adore wearing it, as you probably have noticed from some of my stories. My top is clean white denim with a nice peplum to it to help give a balance to the busy print of the skirt and to highlight my complexion. I definitely picked up on the Americana vibe Kyle was going for, so I also chose this top specifically because of the denim. I chose a long pink necktie to give a pop of color on the white, and I think it’s what really brings the outfit together. Then I finished it off with a pair of retro styled sunglasses that match the necktie, and voila! a mix-mash of two awesome fashions.

I had a blast doing this shoot, and I think it shows in our photos. It’s also fun to try out different looks on Kyle and see how well they match with some of mine. We are gonna keep brainstorming different styles to match and post, but we would love to hear from you guys! What looks would you like to see us try and figure out?


On Me (Sam):

Sunglasses // Earrings // Neck Scarf (Old Asos) // Top // Skirt (Vintage from Whurl) // Shoes

On Kyle:

Hat // Sunglasses // Neck Scarf // Top (Old Asos PJs) // Jacket // Jeans // Shoes

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  1. You are so beautiful, everything you wear looks amazing! I’m a huge fan of the peplum look so that top is definitely my favourite – and I love that you and Kyle like to coordinate your outfits together! You both look amazing, and complement each other so well.

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