#VivaAwwSamVegas: Planning Our Vegas Elopement

Here it is guys, the announcement you have all been waiting for! Ever since I posted our engagement photos, everyone has been going crazy asking what kind of wedding we are going to have, wondering what style it will be in, and what type of wedding dress I will be wearing. Today I am going to spill all the beans on what we are going to do, and hopefully it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise to anyone!

We’ve decided to forgo a proper wedding and elope to sunny Las Vegas! When we first visited it way back in February of 2017, we totally fell in love with the neon signs everywhere, the surrounding desert and the easy going feeling of Las Vegas. Plus, it’s the classic place to elope to! It’s really funny to me too because everyone that we have told so far about our plan tells us, “that is so you!” and that they couldn’t picture anything else after hearing it.

When we first started talking about what to do for our wedding, we both agreed that we wanted to do something we could enjoy and look back on as an experience. For both of us, Vegas was our first thought. It’s filled with color, quirk, and it’s where couples have run away to get married since it was a fashionable thing to do! We want to have something small that is just for us, to make sure it’s special. I know everyone was hoping for a huge and crazy rainbow wedding, but we decided that it would mean more if it was more private. BUT, even if we aren’t having that big wedding we still want to share some of it with all of you, so here’s our plan!

Now, you all know I love pink, and Kyle is a pretty big fan of it too, so the first thing we are planning to do is find the perfect pink dress and suit to wear for the big day! I’ve been looking for the perfect dress since Kyle proposed back in October, and I think I might have found the perfect vintage 50’s dress, but that will be a surprise for now! I also bought a super retro head scarf that is straight out of the 60’s to wear with the dress. For Kyle’s suit, we are going to match the shade of pink to my dress, and then take it to the next level with a bold tie and pocket square.

And the pink doesn’t stop there! We are going to rent the perfect car to match our outfits and style, a retro pink convertible! When we were in Las Vegas last, we came across one we walked by one of the wedding chapels and it was too cool to forget. When we first thought of the elopement I knew that the car was one of the things we had to have to make it really something that would represent both of us. I can already picture us driving down the Vegas strip in it! Ha! My big plan is to completely fill the back of the car with flowers, so we’ll see what I end up accomplishing.

One of the things that everyone seems to be excited about since the engagement was announced was what kind of wedding photos we would have, and it’s definitely been an important part of planning the elopement. Since we aren’t going to have a traditional wedding, I still want to have something that we can look back on and remember. I want us to have photos that represent the both of us and how we complement each other, so we actually decided to have two different locations for our elopement photos: The Neon Museum and the desert! Did you know you can have photos done at The Neon Museum? What could be more fitting than our retro-inspired outfits surrounded by all the neon signs of Old Las Vegas?! Then to make sure we get a little nature in for Kyle, we are going to drive the pink convertible out into the desert and do a second set of photos there.

And that’s everything we have planned so far! I hope you guys aren’t too disappointed that we aren’t having the colorful wedding of the year, but maybe all the colorful photos we get will make up for it! We’re hoping to do this in August or September, which is quickly approaching, so fingers crossed everything isn’t booked up a year in advance. Oh, and question for all of you: should we curl Kyle’s hair???

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9 Responses

  1. This sounds so incredibly perfect for the both of you. Of course a super colourful wedding would have been cool to see, but this is all about you guys, and I love that you have your own way of doing things.

    I am super excited to see all the colourful photos you take – especially with all the pink! It’s great that you both love such a fantastic colour.

    As for Kyle’s hair, I adore it straight, but maybe give us a little peek at what it looks like when it’s curled on Insta or something so we can see what that looks like too! so happy for you both! 💞

  2. This sounds like the perfect plan ever! I agree, this is so you! I cannot wait to see what you guys come up with and I sincerely wish the best for both of you. Also, I would love to see some curls on Kyle! Loved it when he did them over at Insta Stories. Perhaps in one of the sets? 🙂

  3. I’m dying to visit the neon museum and it would be an absolute dream to shoot wedding photos there! You’re going to have such an amazing time!


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