“Take A Rest” Music Themed Aca-Awesome Sleepover Party

What’s up, Pitches! Today we are going to show you how to throw the ultimate music themed sleepover extravaganza, so call your girl squad up, find your coziest PJs, and get ready to make some treble! Now as you all know, I’ll take any excuse to wear PJs for work, and hopefully you and your gal pals will enjoy relaxing and snacking on some of these fun creations! From a chocolate piano, to vinyl disc drink mixers, we thought of all the snacks you could want. Aaaaaand we also have the perfect movie for you to watch, Pitch Perfect 3! The Bellas are back for one last call in Pitch Perfect 3, which is now available on iTunes, with some juicy extras that weren’t in the theater, like a gag reel and extended scenes and even musical performances! That means you can stay at home and cozy! Ha!

It was super fun trying to think of ways to make music related treats to enjoy, and one of the easiest we thought of are those vinyl disc mixers! If you didn’t know, we are huge vinyl fans, and this mixer was so simple to make; we just cut out a tiny circle of fondant and stuck it onto a roll of black licorice and voila! Hopefully you and your friends have as much fun at your sleepover as we did at ours. Maybe you’ll even figure out a way to hack one of your favorite snacks into something musical too!

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We filled up our dessert table with lots of fun, sparkly treats! And I’m always an advocate for disco balls at every sleepover, so we made sure to decorate with disco balls every chance we got! One of the easiest party hacks I love to make is pink chocolate popcorn! Pop your bag of popcorn and put it in a large bowl while it cools down slightly. Melt some pink melting chocolate and pour it over the popcorn. Toss the popcorn around in the chocolate, and when it’s completely coated, set it out on a piece of parchment paper to dry. Add sprinkles and edible glitter, and you’ve got yourself some fancy popcorn!

Have you guys ever baked a cupcake inside of an ice cream cone?! Yes, that’s totally a thing, and so fun for a party dessert trick! Instead of using a cupcake pan, we poured our cupcake batter into ice cream cones and baked them just like a normal cupcake. Once they were cool, we iced the top with frosting to make it look rounded and covered the whole top in golden sprinkles! It’s really that easy to make cupcakes that look like the sweetest little golden microphones. You can even rock out to all of the Pitch Perfect 3 songs with these! Ha!

The chocolate piano is one of my favorite parts of our party! It was SO easy to make and looks great to serve up to friends. All you need to make it are white chocolate kit kats and milk chocolate kit kats! Cut the milk chocolate kit kats in half and place them on top of the white kit kats to look like piano keys! Easiest. Snack. Ever!!!

I hope you all got some inspiration for your own sleepovers! I can’t wait for you to see the movie, it’s nothing short of aca-awesome!

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