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Alright folks! We are back again, on this lovely rainy Friday in NYC, with the second interview in my Insta-Husband series! And I am stoked to tell you, our interview is with one of my favorite guys, the lovely Ty Moore, of capital. Get ready for some serious LEARNIN’!

Q: What’s your wife’s instagram handle?
A: My wife’s instagram is @awhimsywonderland!

Q: And how about you give us a bare bones story of how you guys met?
A: I love telling this story. It’s a good testament to how I always have my foot in my mouth. I was working at a coffee shop in her town while I was in high school. I remember the first day I saw her she came in really early and looked so freaking cute in her comfy only-wear-at-home sweater. She was stuck in my mind, but I didn’t see her again until the summer. The sun was behind her as she walked through the double doors and she literally glowed in her blue dress. Her hair was lit up to where the ends of it looked like they were slightly radiating sunlight.

Damn, I just realized you were asking for bare bones [laughs]! Here we go, bare bones, nut shell, cut to the chase: I worked at a coffee shop with her best friend, the best friend put in a good word for me, I worked my 17 years old magic, and somehow she’s still my wife and doesn’t think I’m a loser.

Q: What a description! And what’s the theme of A Whimsy Wonderland?
A: A Whimsy usually goes for lifestyle, fashion and a bit of travel. The cool thing is that it’s not just my wife, but her partner Jenna as well. So the styles between the two of them usually get blended pretty well. I think that’s what makes it so unique to me. Sometimes you can clearly see it’s a Jenna/Cortney post, while other times it’s the two of them kind of morphing together to co-create something cool.

Q: When did you get involved in it?
A: I got involved in the very early stages. Cortney and Jenna managed most of the creating, branding, and posting while I was an extra pair of eyes and a photographer when they needed it. Even though it was barely a year and a half ago, I loved those times. We had just moved to LA about 6 months before, so it was a great opportunity to go see different parts of my new city. It was so fun. Watching something that started in a corner of my living room blossom into what it is now, is so encouraging. They are an incredibly determined and stubborn team. I think that’s exactly what it takes to start and sustain your own business.

Q: I didn’t realize it grew right out of your living room! And how often do you work with them now?
A: Nowadays they have everything on lock, so not so much, unless they need an extra hand. I usually help out by reading over/editing posts before they’re live, taking a few photos, and giving my two cents when it comes to photo editing. But when it was first starting up they could’ve salaried me out as their photographer. I probably should’ve only gotten paid $0.01 an hour because it usually took me quite a few shots to get the right one. #KingOfTooManyPhotosOnTheMemoryCard. I would always go for the “artsy” shot while they repeatedly told me “Nope, our faces not our feet.”

Q: Since you’ve watched the blog grow from the beginning, I imagine you’ve seen a lot in the world of social media and how it’s grown in the past few years. What’s something you admire that you’ve seen in social media work?
A: I think my favorite part is providing people with a “Hey, I do that too!” attitude. As a consumer, nothing feels better than to see someone I admire post something I do all the time, struggle with, find humorous, or find interesting. When we see someone we look up to humanized, it makes us feel like we can get to where they are or be as great as they are. It’s incredibly endearing to me.

Q: Alright, now that we have covered the Instagram bases, how about you tell us what you do on your own?
A: I actually run my own instagram @dadbutts. Just a simple little thing showcasing the missing beauty in Modern America, dad butts. lol jk, I’m not that weird but I am weird enough to say that in an interview. Separately, I’m a recording artist under the moniker “capital.”

Q: I think I’m going to go start that account actually…. But, back to the music, what would you classify your music as, if you had to?
A: I guess if I had to genre it, I would toss up hiphop/indie pop/soul. Super inspired by 70’s soul and pop, jazz, indie rock, and 90’s southern hip hop. I write, produce, and record all my own tunes which is fun and also extremely demanding. I’ve actually got this super cool idea that’s coming really soon that I can’t wait to talk about. I’m going to combine my love for film making and music to create a new way to tell a story.

Q: Can you give me a list of Top 5 influences?
AOnly 5! That’s a hard one. It’s tough because I’m discovering new and old artists that are really pushing my inspiration around now. Hmmmmm. In no particular order:

1. Stevie Wonder
2. The Beatles
3. Childish Gambino (mainly “Because the Internet” and most things before)
4. D’Angelo
5. John Mayer
There’s so much more, but I think these really have laid a foundation for everything I make. Also getting really inspired by so many upcoming female artists.

Q: When you are writing your music, do you find that you write exclusively about your personal life, or do you sometimes mix in other things as well?
A: Right now, I write mainly about my personal experiences. Since I moved to LA, it’s been a real long process to get myself truly comfortable in my creative skin. To talk about my insecurities, fears, upbringing, or even things I find confidence in. So currently I’m in this weird liberating time of creative life. Nothing is off the table lyrically and musically. Finally letting all my abstract inspirations work in harmony to make something that is (hopefully) exclusive to me.  It feels really cool and really special.

Q: Do you have any other passions or side projects?
A: Hmmm, other than making music I don’t really think so hahahah. I have written and directed about five music/promo videos with some of my really good friends. I’d love for acting/film making to become another facet of my career. 

Q: So, you mentioned above that you’re combining your love of film making and music in a new way, can we get some movie recommendations?
ATotally! Hmm just a few of my favorites and why:

1. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – one of David Fincher’s only films that’s not about excessive murder hahaha. Cinematography is phenomenal, my favorite score ever, and the story telling is so intriguing and heartfelt.
2. Interstellar- I’m a huge sucker for pop science fiction. The Nolan brothers are some of my favorite writers/directors. Such a fun adventure and scientifically sound screenplay.
3. Inception – Saw this one 5 times in theaters. I love the way the Nolan’s take something like dreaming, and make it so docile and tamed.
4. Donnie Darko – One of the first films I saw that caused me to begin caring about story telling. Such a fun low-budget story. I mean, they had way more of a budget than I’ve ever seen, but for the indie film scene, it wasn’t so modest.
5. Little Miss Sunshine – Cuts so deep every time. The story and characters are so real and endearing. One of my favorite soundtracks. 

Q: Any hints you’re willing to drop on that new project?
Ahhhhhh man! I’ve been so tempted to just spill the beans to anyone I can, but I’ve really had to exercise patience this time around. There’s magic in the suspense. There’s not much I can share other than this:

I’ve never made music so honest and raw before. 
I’ve never released this much music before. 
And I don’t think many people have given music to the world in this way before. Hopefully who ever is listening/reading this can sense the excitement and passion behind my words. I really think this new project can really reach people and make them feel……. not so alone.


Q: Now, let’s wrap this up with some shameless self promotion, sound good? Just tell the people where they can find you, your music and those promo videos!
A: Hahaha so shameless! Heres a link to my latest video, “Lost Angeles
And here’s a link to music!
Social media across the board: @whoiscapital


I hope you guys enjoy jamming out to capital.’s music, and make sure to stay tuned for whatever he drops, because it’ll be good!

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