DIY Tassel Macrame Planter Hanger

After our colorful kitchen reveal, I got a ton of requests from people to do a DIY tutorial on these fun planters we made. So today, we are going to show you how to make your own, and it’s SUPER easy, I promise! When we were first starting our kitchen, I knew I wanted to have plants, but I couldn’t figure out how to place them. A lot of the options I found were too expensive or didn’t look good, so I figured I would try making my own planters!

Not only are they quite easy to make, all the materials can be found in your local craft store, and they are inexpensive. It was really fun picking out the colored strings for our planter, and you can easily use as many or few colors as you want. It helps add a pop of color in our kitchen, and the bonus of having a nice plant is that it makes the room feel a lot more natural. Even if the plant is plastic! Ha!

24 ft white paracord
Colored string
Colored embroidery thread (for tassels)


1. Measure out four strands of white paracord, each 6 ft long. Cut and burn the ends of the strands to keep them from fraying. Loop all four strands through the top of a carabiner, so that you have eight strands total.

2. Directly under the carabiner, wrap colored string to keep all of the strands of paracord in place. Knot and tie off the colored string. We used multiple colors to create a rainbow effect on one of the planters, but feel free to use as many or as few colors as you desire.

3. Measure 22″ down from the top of the paracord and knot two strands together. Repeat this action three more times, with a total of four knots.

4. Figure out the height of your planter and divide it in half. Use that measurement as the distance between your first row and second row of knots. For example, our planter was 10″ tall, so we measured 5″ down to create the next row of knots.

5. Knot the first strand of paracord to the second strand, the third to the fourth, and so on until you’ve gone all the way around.

6. To complete the planter, we measured 5″ down from our last row of knots and tied colored string again to hold the planter in place. Tie off the colored string.

7. If you want to add tassels to the outside of your planter like we did, follow these instructions to make the tassels and tie them to each knot. Add your plant and hang your planter up in your space!


Do you all like easy home decor projects like these?? We’re going to try to start doing more of these as we continue finishing up our apartment, and I hope they give you some inspiration for your own homes! I love doing simple projects like these for our home that Kyle and I can make together. Let me know what other kind of decor projects you wanna see!

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  1. i used to make these hangers out of rope for jars and then put flowers/plants or candles inside. these look lovely too.

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