DIY Chill Pill Easter Eggs

Now that we are in full swing for our Easter projects, I thought it would be fun to do a crafty take on traditional painted eggs! When I was younger we would paint eggs every Easter, and it was a super fun way to get involved and help decorate. So, to give it an Aww Sam twist, we are pulling inspiration from one of my favorite projects: Chill Pill Pillows! These painted eggs are going to be transformed into Chill Pill eggs! If it starts to feel a little hectic for you like it does for me during holidays, then these will give you an excuse to take a minute to relax! 😉

Craft eggs or hard boiled eggs
Pink acrylic paint (or pink dye if you’re using hard boiled eggs)
Painter’s tape
Small black letter stickers
Tweezers (optional)

1. If you’re using hard boiled eggs, dip your egg halfway in the pink dye, leaving one half of the egg white. Allow the dye to dry completely. If you’re using a craft egg, tape off the bottom half of the egg using painter’s tape.

2. With a brush and pink paint, put about 2-3 coats of paint on the half of the egg that isn’t taped. Allow the paint to dry completely.

3. Using small letter stickers, place the word “chill” vertically across each egg. You might need a pair of tweezers to help you align the letters if they’re too small to hold with your fingers.

4. Press down on the letters to secure them and viola!

Hopefully making these eggs help you chilllll out, and if they get you really inspired, you can try making the pillows! OR if you want a chill pill you can actually eat, then give these Chill Pill chocolates we made awhile back a try! I can’t wait to show the everyone the next Easter project, so stay tuned!!!

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  1. Whenever I hear the words “chill pill” now I always think of you and all the things you’ve made to look like them!

    I still think those chocolates were genius, and that these eggs are way too cute! I really need to give painting eggs a try.

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