Dessert Hack: Easy Coconut Bunny Cake

Sorry for the silence here on the blog this week, we had huge shoots with Sally Hansen and Bustle (can’t wait to show you more from that!), but we’re back sharing an easy bunny cake instead of Kyle’s column today. He’ll be back next week too, don’t worry! Ha! Anywaysss, we’re working on an Easter party and I whipped up this bunny cake from a store-bought cake and a few things we had lying around the house already, and I wanted to give you a little tutorial for how it was made!

Kyle and I don’t really celebrate Easter now, maybe we will when we eventually have kids, but it was something that we always celebrated when I was growing up. I absolutely LOVED bunny and egg-related crafts, and I have to say that this bunny cake made me really excited to make. I’m so happy with how it turned out and it’s super doable, especially for a last minute dessert! Let’s HOP to it!!!

Coconut or vanilla cake (we used a store-bought 5″ coconut cake)
White and pink chocolate candy melts
Piping bag
Parchment paper
Pink gumball
Strawberry pocky sticks


1. We used a plain store-bought cake to make it easier, but feel free to use any cake of your choosing! Melt both the pink and white chocolate candy melts and put both in separate piping bags. Put down a sheet of parchment paper on a hard surface.

2. Pipe two long oval shapes onto the parchment paper using the white chocolate. Wait a few minutes and pipe smaller pink ovals right on top of the white chocolate ear for the middle piece. Wait for the chocolate ears to dry completely before removing from the parchment paper.

3. Cut six pocky sticks in half so that you only have the pink part of each stick. Cut two slots on the top of the cake where the ears will go. Once the ears have dried completely, carefully push them into the top of the cake.

4. Place a gumball on the front for a nose and put the six pocky sticks surrounding the nose. You can add eyes with frosting if you want, and you’ve got yourself a cute bunny cake!


How many of you celebrate Easter? Do you have any Easter traditions, I’d love to hear about them! And if you’re looking for another dessert to go with your bunny cake, we made little bunny booty donuts a few weeks ago here too! Now go find some-bunny to share all these with. Okay, done with the puns now! Hope you’re loving some of these easier dessert projects as much as I am!

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  1. I had no idea you two were interested in having kids. They are going to grow up in such a colourful and fun household! I’m super jealous.

    This cake is also adorable. The desserts that take the least amount of effort are always the best ones 😜

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