DIY Scratch Off Travel Map + Printable

By now you guys know that Kyle and I LOVE traveling together! Neither of us had really traveled too much before meeting, and we’ve been to so many places in over the last year! Since we have been re-decorating our apartment, I wanted to make something that we could hang up to document our travels. I’d been seeing scratch off maps everywhere lately, but none of them matched the look or colors of our space, soooo why not DIY it?! Duh! We ended up with this really fun and colorful DIY scratch off map that all of you can print out and hang up in your spaces too! And if you love traveling as a family, this is a great way to teach your kids about different places and have them scratch off where you have all been together!

Printable map (download here)
Printable scratch off paper (here)
Wooden frame (here)
Coin for scratching off locations
Scissors or exacto knife


1. For a larger map, print out your map at a place that does large format printing. We made ours 10″ x 15″, but this would work on an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper too.

2. Once the map is printed out, print out the  striped scratch-off file the same size as the map. If you’re making a map that is larger than 8.5″ x 11″, you’ll need to print out the scratch off pattern in two halves like we did and stick them together.

3. Carefully cut out the scratch off paper, peel away the backing and position it on top of the map.

4. Put the map into a frame of your choosing and using a coin, scratch off the places you have traveled!


Illustration by Nova Megantara

What places are next on your travel list? We have Tokyo high up there on our list along with Austin and Nashville! I’ve really been feeling so good about working on our home and creating stuff that we’ll both use in our space, so get ready for more projects geared toward our interests and hobbies!

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