Pot Of Gold Cosmic Brownies

Whew! I can’t even believe we’re almost already into March! Which means get ready for rainbows and all recipes involving Lucky Charms (can we talk about the new unicorn marshmallows though?!) We don’t typically do anything for St. Patrick’s Day, but I can’t pass up an opportunity to make rainbow desserts for a Holiday that partly has a rainbow aesthetic, sooo today we’re making “pot of gold” cosmic brownies with a little rainbow decoration. These are super easy to make and fans of brownie edges everywhere will rejoice in that fact that every bite has an edge. Ha! Seriously though, these are important matters. Have fun with these ones!!!

Your favorite brownie recipe
Muffin/cupcake pan
Vegetable shortening
White frosting
Yellow sprinkles
Yellow food coloring
Fondant colored in rainbow colors
Metal spoon


1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Using vegetable shortening, grease the cavities of a small muffin/cupcake pan.

2. Pour your brownie batter into the pan, filling it 3/4 of the way full. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until a toothpick comes out of the middle of the brownie clean. Right after the brownies come out of the oven, press down on the middles gently with a small spoon to create a hole, making the brownies look more like a pot of gold. Allow them to cool completely before removing from the pan.

3. While you wait for the brownies to cool, color your buttercream yellow and your fondant rainbow colors. Once the brownies have cooled, pipe yellow buttercream into the center of the brownies and cover the top with yellow sprinkles.

4. Roll the fondant out into snake-like shapes, placing each color next to one another. Cut the fondant into a rainbow arch and allow for it to harden on a piece of parchment paper. Once the rainbow has hardened completely, stick it into the middle of the pot of gold and serve at your St. Patrick’s Day parties!


Do you all do anything for St. Patrick’s Day?? I patiently await this time of the year because this is when the shamrock shake makes a comeback, and if you know me, you’ll know I LOVE anything mint or mint chocolate chip! And speaking of mint chocolate (and the fact that it’s Girl Scout cookie season), check out our recipe for thin mint cookie dough over here!

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  1. You are an actual GENIUS for putting brownie mix into a cupcake pan so that every body gets an edge piece! What a fantastic idea.

    I don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day either, but I certainly don’t mind the influx of rainbows that comes with it – and the excuse it gives me to make something rainbow-related! 🙊

    Indya || The Small Adventurer

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