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Calling all you Kyle fans!!! I wanted to figure out a way to get Kyle more involved in the blog since you don’t often see him over here, so he’s going to be doing a column once a week talking about whatever he wants! Ha! I thought the best way for him to contribute would be for it to almost be in the same free-form style that our Insta Stories are. For those of you that aren’t familiar with our stories, Kyle is my partner in crime and now fiancé (still weird to say), and we do a lot of funny characters and skits over on our Instagram channel. So many of our followers have fallen in love with these funny videos and have asked for more Kyle content, so here we go! Hope you guys like this change in content and a glimpse at our goofy, weird personalities! – Sam


Hey guys,

Long time no see. We’ve decided that once a week, I will be gracing your eyeballs and minds with a Friday column blog post called Learnin’ Stuff! I know a lot of you have been asking Sam for more of my antics, and we have been promising some form of Kyle entertainment since before the year broke, so here it is!

Today, I’m going to start the ball rolling with a series in which I interview some of the Instagram boyfriends and husbands we have met through our travels. I feel like “Instagram Husbands” are the silent work force for a lot of bloggers, often doing behind the scenes work, like shooting photos, doing prep work, helping to run apps and websites, or simply cooking a good pot of soup for their significant other (Soupjan Stevens anyone?). I’ve loved getting to know these dudes, and I figured you would too. Besides interviews, each week I’ll also be trying my hand at some of my own DIY projects, telling stories, and talking about my role in the business.

For this first post, I’m going to have the honor of interviewing the fiancé of our very own Aww Sam, the one, the only: @KyleInTheWilds!!! Yes, I’m interviewing myself.


Q: Let’s cover some basics first Kyle, what is your significant others’ Instagram/blog? What is it’s theme or aesthetic?
A:  That would be awwsam.com and aww.sam for Instagram! She’s a creative DIYer, baker, industrial designer and pretty cool chick!

Q:  Awesome! When did you start to get involved with the blogging world?
A:  I started working with Sam about a month after we started dating, but I dove in to be her full time employee in June of 2017, after leaving my job at Nickelodeon.

Q:  Oh wow, so you’ve been working there for about 8 months! How often do you work with her? Was it a big change from your previous job?
A:  We work together every. day. She does most of the hard work, and I take pictures, bake and eat a lot of candy. It’s been a pretty big shift from my old job, because I was a production assistant for an animated show, which means a lot of desk work and a lot of napping. Now I get to hang out with my best friend all day and eat donuts, and take a ton of pictures.

Q:  I’m sure most people have seen your Insta Stories by now, tell me the truth, are you that funny in real life?
A:  Well Kyle, I have to be honest, yes. Absolutely. I’m pretty much the funniest guy I’ve ever met, but I will say, Sam is really good at filming me at the right moments. It looks like I’m a regular comedian, and I can be, but it isn’t 24/7. That’d be pretty exhausting.

Q:  Everyone who has seen your stories loves your skits and characters. Will we be seeing any return?
A:  If it was up to me, I would make Soupjan Steven songs all day, while cooking burrito bowls and making weird faces. Alas, I do have to get real work done sometimes. But I think that Soupjan will be back pretty soon. I’m pretty sure I heard someone say he was making a record. Or maybe it was that he was learning the recorder. Not sure.

Q:  Speaking of Soupjan, Getting Spicy, your cooking show, recently premiered on the Aww Sam Network, correct?
A:  Yes, it definitely did. It’s one of my favorite shows out there right now. Next to Riverdale of course. I just really started cooking in the past few months, and I’m all about forcing Sam to try my newest experiments.

Q:  So you like Riverdale? That’s a pretty great show. How about lettings us know some of your other interests?
A:  No problem. I really like reading books, from Moby Dick to Scott Pilgrim to good old Daredevil comics. You may not know this, but I have a huge collection of Star Wars and Jurassic Park toys and figures back in Florida too. I also love Indie Rom-Coms, like Pokemon 2000 and The Digimon Movie, as well as Westerns. I’ve tried for two years to dress like Clint Eastwood from his cowboy days for Halloween, but it’s really hard to find a hat that fits my head. Maybe this year?

Q:What about your top five bands?
A:  In no particular order, I’d say: Circa Survive, Between the Buried and Me, Bright Eyes, Fleetwood Mac and Fleet Foxes. You can also get me to dance to any hit from the 80’s, including Africa by Toto, Heat of the Moment by Asia and Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper. That one is my real jam.

Q:  Last but not least, will you ever have a YouTube channel or podcast?
A:  I would really love that. But having a podcast or a YouTube channel takes a lot of work, and editing. I also think I’d need to have some pretty cool guests to keep everyone interested in a podcast, and Sabbath (our cat) has already said she would only do a total of three appearances. So for now, I’d say keep on dreaming. (But really, we’re working on it)

Well, there you have it folks, I hope you enjoyed this Learnin’ Stuff: with KyleInTheWilds, and if you have anymore questions for me you can always ask. Until next week, stay classy and eat more soup.

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