Last Minute Printable Pizza Valentines

Two more days until my favorite Holiday!!! How many of you are prepared with your Valentines already made and ready to go? Even though it IS my favorite time of the year, I ALWAYS procrastinate on making my Valentines. And since I know I’m not alone in needing a last-minute solution, we created some fun pizza box printables for you to make that V-Day prep even easier!

Pink or white cardstock
Exacto knife or scissors
Straight edge
Pizza printable (here)


1. Download our pizza Valentine’s printable here and print it out on pink or white cardstock.

2. Using a straight edge and an exacto knife or scissors cut out the box along the red lines. Fold the box in half.

3. Cut out the pizza and write your pizza-related pun or message on the other side. Stick the pizza into the tab on the inside of the box and write your name on the outside of the pizza box.

4. Gift to your friends or family and have fun!


Take another little pizza my heart! These are easy peasy, right?! Now you’ll be ready in no time! What do you all have planned this year? We’re starting the day off with a Galentine’s brunch at Sugarfina then going to see a special screening of Call Me By Your Name! Can’t wait! P.S. We have another printable card over here for all of those enamel pin lovers in your life.

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