SURPRISE!!!! We’re Engaged!

If you already read the title for this post, you’re in the loop, because we’re engaged!!!! Do you remember when we went to Maine (we’ll have more on that later), butttt that’s when it happened! We’ve been keeping it a secret for SO long. We haven’t told ANYONE since then, and the first person that knew was Sammy who took these photos for us! We had been discussing this for a while, and I didn’t want a super instagrammable engagement. There are very few things that we keep kind of private having a job that revolves around our lives and is publicly seen on the internet, so I thought it would be more special to me if Kyle didn’t plan something out and instead just did it when it felt right to him. Don’t worry, we are going to share the story with you! Ha! But we only took one photo at the time, so it could kind of stay a memory just for us.

I have to get a little mushy for a minute because I don’t think I could ever find someone else who gets me more than Kyle does. He makes me laugh EVERY time he says “poop,” he watches all of the bad reality TV shows with me (that’s an important one), and he’s the best travel partner, business partner, and all-around dude I’ve ever met.

We wanted to make sure these photos stayed really true to our silly personalities, so you’ll see some funny faces, moments where I was laughing so hard I was almost crying, and Kyle on my back instead of the other way around haha! I can’t wait to put these into a photo album and wait for the days when our kids make fun of our outfits and hairstyles 20 years in the future! Let’s all just remember how cool that blazer is now and how in 2018 pink was THE color! 😉

Alright, here we go! I hope this photo isn’t too risque for the internet…anyways, remember when we went to Maine during Halloween?? I dressed up as Tina Belcher and Kyle was Jimmy Jr? Yeah, THAT long ago! Well there was a bad storm while we were there and thousands of people were without power for days. We had been out all day and I really wanted to take a bath. Kyle had a lighter and the burners on the stove still worked, so we figured we could just keep boiling water on the stove and filling up the tub, not knowing that it was going to take around 25 rounds of boiling the water to actually fill up the tub. Ha! We bought a bunch of candles since the power was out and put them around the bathroom so we could see. So it was definitely romantic, although at the time I just thought it was all practical since it was pitch black inside the house. I eventually got impatient at the halfway point and hopped in the tub anyways. Fast forward 10 minutes and Kyle was walking into the bathroom with a lifesaver gummy and proposing. Thinking back on it, I can’t remember what color it was, but we think it was red? Question 1: Yes, he put the lifesaver gummy on my finger. And question 2: yes, I ate it moments later. Haha!

I’m not the best storyteller in the world, but you get it.

I know, I know. You’re all going to be wondering where the ring is. I’m very nontraditional and I don’t ever wear rings, so I don’t see myself wearing a ring everyday. We actually bought this pink light up ring the day before these photos in Party City in the sweet sixteen aisle, and it’s more special to me than any fancy ring would ever be. We’ll probably end up both getting cactus tattoos or something instead of rings. Ha!

Photos by Sammy Clark Photography

Location: Saguaro Scottsdale

(We absolutely LOVED working with Sammy! We’ve never had our photos taken by someone else before, so I was a bit nervous I would be awkward or uncomfortable, and Sammy did an amazing job making us both feel comfortable. Plus we had a ton of fun! If you’re ever in need of an Arizona photographer, I can’t recommend Sammy enough!)

Well there you have it! Let’s see, what else am I missing? We haven’t decided when this will happen yet, but we’re most likely going to do a courthouse or Vegas wedding and then have a party for our family and friends afterwards. I’m going to get myself the biggest, fluffiest, pink dress and Kyle wants a crazy suit. Maybe we’ll get a retro car to drive around in too. Oh, and even though we’re not having a wedding we still have to find a way to have a first dance because we’ve already decided on dancing to Just Like Honey by Jesus and the Mary Chain.

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13 Responses

  1. 🎉congratulations! that ring is perfection, and so are these pictures! So fun and so colorful, just like the two of you. I’ve enjoyed watching your story unfold. Now I need to go have family pictures taken in the same spot! can’t wait to see the pink dress and a vintage car pictures!

  2. Congratulations to you both! It really shows through your pics how you love And suPport each other. CHerish the moment!

  3. COngratulations! I Love courthouse/ELOPEMENT weddings, they just seem so much more personal to me. can’t wait to see your dress!

  4. Amazing! I love how low-key you guys are and not trying to make a big show for the internet, because lets be real, the internet is around right now but In 30 years when something new comes around you’ll only have each other!!!

  5. Congrats! Yal have the cutest story aNd i love seeing all the cute and cool stuff you tWo Do together! Im so excited for you. thanks for giving us all some insight on whats goin on in your personal lives because you dont have to. I know you and kyle will continue to create and whip up amazing things! Best wishes to you!

  6. Congratulations! You two are seriously the awesome sauce of the world! I just love how you celebrate with simplicity but at the same time with color and life! We need more happiness. Thanks for sharing yours in WHAT you do!

  7. Congrats you two! ❤ I feel so privileged to watch you two grow together as a couple and as business partners and it is SO inspirational! You have really got my gears turning for my boyfriend and I to go into business TOGETHER, (we actually met at work 4 years ago and work excellent as a team!) Loved your engagement shoot, it truly shines y’alls style and personality. Thank you for sharing such an intimate moment in y’alls lives, the Bathtub story and pic is precious.

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