DIY Bottle Brush Car Gift Wrap (+Printable)

Super easy project alert!!!! I am the absolute WORST (not even exaggerating) at wrapping presents. I leave all of our wrapping needs up to our Studio Manager, Nova, who could literally take the weirdest shaped gift and turn it into a gift wrap masterpiece! Last year she showed us this cute gift wrap idea she did by using brown paper, drawing a little car on it, and attaching a bottle brush tree to the top, and I thought this year we could do the colorful version! ANDDD we have a printable below so literally all you have to do is print out the file and attach it to a wrapped gift! Easy peasy, right?!?! I know some of you are just as obsessed with bottle brush trees as I am, so grab that colorful bottle brush collection and let’s get wrapping!

Present to wrap
Rectangular box
Retro car printable (here)
Bottle brush trees (we got ours from Target and Michaels)
Yarn or string
Craft glue
Fake snow (optional)


1. Download and print out one of the retro cars here. Wrap your present in a rectangular  box proportional to your car. Cut and glue the car to the front using craft glue.

2. If you want to add the fake snow, put a little bit of craft glue on the top of the car and sprinkle snow over the glue, shaking off any excess.

3. Once the glue has dried completely, pick out the bottle brush that will go on the top of your present and tie it securely using a piece of yarn or string.

4. Display your gifts under the tree!


I’m so excited to see some of you wrap your gifts like this this year! The gift wrapping projects are some of my favorites and you all always NAIL them!!! P.S. We even threw in a line drawing version of the car printable so that you can color in the car with your kiddos and get them involved in wrapping the family presents too!


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  1. These are way too cute! I love it when people take the time out to make even the gift wrap special when giving presents, it makes the whole thing even more meaningful ☺️

    Indya || The Small Adventurer

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