DIY Silver Disco New Year’s Backdrop

Even though we’re in the thick of Christmas excitement, we’re sharing a super easy, magical backdrop idea for New Years today! Mostly, I just wanted an excuse to buy a ton of disco ball balloons and turn our studio into a disco party. Ha! (Totally not a lie either!) I’ve always loved the sparkle of dressing up for New Year’s Eve, and there’s no better time to set up a photobooth and take glamorous photos with all of your friends! 3…2…1! Let’s get making this thing!!!

Fishing line
Hot glue gun
Silver fringe curtain (here)
Silver balloons (we got all of ours from Amazon)
Disco balls
Gaffers tape (to attach to the ceiling if you don’t have pipes to hang the string from)


1. Inflate all of your balloons (we used about 30 balloons total) and attach fishing line to the top of each balloon, leaving enough length to attach the fishing line to the ceiling.

2. We have pipes running along our ceiling that we tied the fishing line around, but you can use white gaffers tape if your ceiling is bare.

3. Attach the balloons to the ceiling at various heights and lengths until you’ve filled the space for your backdrop.

4. To add a bit more sparkle to your backdrop, cut up a silver fringe curtain and tie it into silver tassels. Hot glue the tassels to the balloon (I promise the hot glue won’t melt the balloon) and hold the tassel in place until the glue has dried.

5. Set up a photo timer and take photos with your friends at your New Year’s party!


Photos by Kyle Larsen

Outfit Sources: Sequin Top // Gold Pants // Earrings //Headband (Old // Silver Shoes

Definitely leaving this up well into 2018, because that afternoon disco ball sparkle at work is SO much better than anything else! You feel me?! And if you need a glittery treat to bring, we made disco ball donut holes right over here!

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