DIY Pom Pom Christmas Tree

You might recall those 2 days of us making pom poms on Instagram stories, and some of you already guessed what we were making! A pom pom TREE!!!! We wanted to figure out a fun alternative to your typical Christmas tree for a DIY project this year, and since you all loved the pom pom scarf we did for Fall, we decided to make a colorful pom pom Christmas tree! I’ll warn you this project is a bit time consuming for one person, but by using a smaller base you could easily make a smaller version of our tree. Also, putting friends to work trimming pom poms is never a bad idea. Ha, who doesn’t love making pom poms?! Hope you guys like this one!!! Now to go make an all pink version for the studio!

Pom pom makers (here)
Yarn in various colors (we used all Lion Brand yarn)
24″ foam cone (here)
Hot glue gun
Green construction paper

1. Using your pom pom maker, wrap yarn around one arm until it is full. Continue wrapping the other side full of yarn.

2. Push both arms of the maker in and cut all the way down the middle with your scissors. Once the middle is cut, tie a piece of yarn or string very tightly around the middle of the pom pom.

3. Open the pom pom maker and release the pom pom. Trim off any of the excess yarn and shape your pom pom until it looks packaged tightly and round.

4. Repeat these steps to make pom poms in various colors and sizes. You’ll need to use your smallest pom pom maker to make ones for the top of the tree and your largest pom pom maker for the bottom of the tree.

5. Once you’ve made your desired amount of pom poms, start hot gluing the larger pom poms at the base of your foam cone. Continue to place pom poms all the way up the cone, going from largest to smallest until the whole cone is covered.

6. We added a paper bow to the top of ours, but you could leave it as is or add a different type of tree topper!

Tip for trimming pom poms: don’t worry about trimming too much off! I always start by cutting off large portions of yarn first and then starting to shape it into a ball by cutting off smaller amounts of yarn. You’ll know you trimmed enough when the pom pom starts to feel more compact!


Photos by Kyle Larsen

Outfit Details: Pajamas // Headscarf (Old // Socks

We’re putting this up next to our pink tree this year and fingers crossed our cat doesn’t mistake it for a fun scratching post! Ha! This turned out so much better than I had hoped, and I can’t wait to see all of your versions this year!!

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