DIY Gumball Machine Ornaments

It’s about that time folks!!!! We just started busting out all of our trees this year for Christmas content and we have our first ornament DIY today! We do a themed tree every year and this year we’re heading a complete different route than normal, any guesses what we might be doing? (Hint: it’s not food again!) Even though we aren’t doing a food themed tree, I wanted to show you guys how easy it is to turn out gumball machine cupcake tutorial into a gumball machine ornament! I’ve been seeing gumball machine ornaments in stores ALL over this year, but they’re either crazy expensive for one ornament OR they look a little off in proportion, so I figured we could show you how to make your own version and have extra money leftover for presents! Hope you’re in the mood for some Holiday fun!!!

Clear ball ornament (here)
Small rainbow candy or pom poms
Pink construction paper
Silver adhesive vinyl
White model magic clay
Silver acrylic paint
Hot glue gun
Exacto knife
String to hang


1. Fill your ornament with candy or pom poms and snap the two sides together, closing the ornament.

2. Cut a two inch strip out of construction paper and wrap it around the bottom of your ornament. Hot glue the paper in place.

3. Using an exacto knife, cut a piece of silver vinyl to look like a gumball machine turnstile. Adhere the vinyl to the front of your ornament. Make a half circle and place it at the bottom of your ornament where the gumball would come out of the machine.

4. Out of the same pink construction paper, cut out a small circle and create a little “hat” for the top of the ornament. Hot glue the construction paper to the top.

5. To make the silver turnstile, shape your model magic into a propeller shape and paint with silver paint. Once it is completely dry, attach it to the front of your ornament using hot glue.

6. Thread a string through the top of the ornament and knot to create a loop to hang the ornament to your tree.


How many of you make ornaments every year as a tradition?! This would be such a fun one to make with your kids or for those of you with food-themed trees! It’s a super easy project, and I’m thinking this might be the one I send out to all of my friends this year, what do you think?

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