Best Of The Best From #AwwSamCostumeParty 2017!

It’s time to celebrate all of YOU!!!! I hope everyone had a fun Halloween! I’m slightly sad it’s over because I always love making so many costumes every year, but I’m sure Halloween 2018 will get here before we know it. Anyways, back to how CRAZY INCREDIBLE ALL OF YOU ARE. It made me so happy to see all of your versions of our costumes *cue the waterworks*! We’ve done a total of 15 costumes over the years, and you represented 12/15 of those costumes this year. Seriously, I can’t stop talking about how talented all of you are. I know some of these costumes are super difficult to make and every single one of you executed them to perfection!

I never thought when I started Aww Sam 2 years I’d ever see anyone making the projects I dreamed up, and it feels so surreal now to see so many posts in the #AwwSamCostumeParty tag! A HUGE thank you to you guys for your continued support for not only our business but us too! We wouldn’t be able to do this without you!!! So without further ado, check out these cute faces rocking our Aww Sam costumes this year! 🙂



Photos (left to right): // @donnawanamaker // @michellerogers14 // Mia & Karla

The taco costume is at the top of my list for one of my favorites ever! I mean, who doesn’t want to wear a giant “tortilla” jacket all night?! Plus, these 4 gals KILLED it, the cutest tacos I’ve ever seen.



Photos (left to right):

@agoulden // @streamingrosie

The sprinkle pool became hugely popular this year, so I knew we had to make a costume celebrating this iconic pool! And it looks like you guys liked the Museum of Ice Cream just as much as we did too! P.S. Check out Rosie’s headband, it says “Museum of Ice Cream” AND lights up! How cool!



Photos (left to right):

@jammer79 // @yellow_yeti

I don’t know if you’ve ever had boba, but it’s SO addicting. This has always been one of my favorite costumes because I seriously love bubble tea so much that I’d dress like this everyday! Ha! Shout-out to these two cute-TEAS!



Photos (left to right):


I think I screamed when I saw this costume in our tag because first of all, you win at life if you’re able to go around in roller skates all day! AND second of all, Penny makes the PERFECT roller disco Barbie! Beyonce’s got nothing on THIS Barbie costume!!!



Photos (left to right):

@stacks66 // @nikkigeorge70

I LOVE getting to work with Dunkin’ Donuts on a costume every year, and it turns out I’m not the only one obsessed with DD coffee and donuts! Both of these donut queens are making me wish I had an actual dozen donuts right now. I bow down to donut royalty!



Photos (left to right):

@callimariebakes // @karrlley // @notwithoutcoffee // @abbyratzlaff // @gabbbriellaaaaa // @jenniferheal

I think we all know the clear reader favorite costume: COTTON CANDY!!! I love the spin each one of you took on it to make it your own! Let’s see if anything can top cotton candy next year, I’m betting that cotton candy is still going to win! 😉



Photos (left to right):

@littlecooter // @smashcraftstudio // @renznikkadegula // @mrsmariastewart // @thecameracircus // @balfaro29

You guys sure covered the bases on our costumes!!! Above we have iced coffee, burrito, popcorn, felt letterboard, bubble bottle, AND hot air balloon! I seriously never thought someone would recreate our letterboard costume (it’s one of the more tedious), so I’m SUPER impressed by Maria’s version! And has anyone ever seen a cuter bubble bottle or hot air balloon in their lifetime?!?! C’mon with that cuteness!



Ahhh writing this post made me so excited for next year already! Again, I can’t thank all of you enough for continuing to follow along and support us! Here’s to making Halloween 2018 even more fun (if that’s even possible)! Ha!

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