DIY Sprinkle Pool Costume + Pool Boy Costume

Since I know that many of you have been to one of the Museum of Ice Cream locations by now, we’re making a SPRINKLE pool costume today complete with a pool boy sidekick for a super cute couple’s costume!!! And yes, you read that right, this pool is not filled with water but one of the best inventions of all time; sprinkles! Of course we didn’t use real sprinkles (that could get really gross haha!), so we filled the pool with balloons because any Halloween costume involving balloons is automatically more fun. Also marking down pool noodles as having an insane amount of uses for crafting costumes. I thought of using pool noodles to create an inflatable swimming pool look, and they worked out perfectly! Who’d have thought?!

I told you we’d be figuring out couple’s costumes this year since Kyle is down to model in photos with me, and this particular costume is so simple Kyle was able to create it just from pieces he already had in his closet. Perfect for anything last-minute! I can’t wait to see some of you as sprinkle pools this year!!!

Foam core
Blue pool noodles (we used 4 total)
2 cans of light blue spray paint (we used Gold brand in “Pool”)
Long balloon animal balloons
Silver adhesive vinyl (here)
Silver rope (we got ours at a fabric store)
White ribbon or elastic
Balloon pump
Long ruler
Exacto or olfa knife
Hot glue gun

1. To make a sprinkle pool in the same size as the one we made, measure out a circle 30″ in diameter onto a piece of foam board.

2. In the middle of the circle you just drew, draw another circle 16″ in diameter. Cut out both circles using an exacto knife. You now have the base of your pool.

3. Wrap the pool noodles around the outer edge of the foam circle and hot glue them in place. Stack two pool noodles on top of each other for a higher pool. In a well-ventilated area, spray paint the pool noodles and base. Allow the pool to dry completely.

4. While the pool is drying, inflate your long balloons and cut the end short so that it resembles a giant sprinkle. Tie off the end and set aside.

5. When the spray paint is dry, hot glue the “sprinkles” to the inside of the pool. Glue sprinkles on top of each other to fill up the pool nicely.

6. Measure and cut out a rectangle 9.5″ x 4″ out of foam core for your diving board. Peel the back off of your silver vinyl and stick it onto your diving board piece. Hot glue silver rope to the sides of the diving board and glue the whole diving board onto your pool.

7. Hot glue ribbon to both sides of the pool to use as straps to hold it up. Dress up your significant other or friend in a “pool boy” outfit complete with a pool net!


Photos by Kyle Larsen

How many of you want a giant version of this in your backyards now?! Raise those hands! This definitely goes down in history as one of my favorite costumes to make. Plus, the tiny diving board just killlllssss me every time I look at it. Too adorable!

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6 Responses

  1. Super cute! Do you have to hold it up the entire time? want to be able to figure it out where it just sits on my hips so I can be hands free!

    1. Hi!
      We have a step in the instructions where you can add ribbon for straps! 🙂 Or if you want it to sit on your hips, you could just make the hole in the middle that you step through smaller! xoSam

  2. SO you used REGULAR glue to glue tHe “sprinkles” into the pool, correCt? because the hot glue will melt and pop the balloonS

    1. Hi Krystal!
      We used hot glue! It actually works on balloons, you just have to make sure the metal tip of the glue gun doesn’t touch the balloon. I still can’t figure out how it doesn’t pop the balloon since it’s so hot, but I’ve been using this trick on balloons for years and I’ve never had one pop! 🙂 xoSam

    2. I actually found a video of someone applying hot glue to a balloon here, so you can see that it actually doesn’t pop the balloon unless you place the metal tip on the balloon!

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