DIY Fuzzy Dice Group Costume

We promised you all another couples/group costume this year, so HERE IT IS!!!! This has to hands down be the funniest costume we have ever made! And you wouldn’t believe how simple it is, all you really need is a cardboard box and some pink fur! You can tell we were completely cracking up the whole time we were in this costume, probably because people kept walking by the window of our studio so confused why there were two people dressed as dice inside. Ha! The things we do for a photo, am I right?? 😉 For an even easier, last-minute costume, you can leave out the rear view mirror and just make the two dice. Grab those cardboard boxes, we have a costume to make!

Two 24″ x 24″ cardboard boxes
Pink fur blanket (here) (we used 1 blanket per box, but it depends on how big the box you are covering is)
Black construction paper
White ribbon
Hot glue gun
Utility knife

Thick black rope
Cardboard tube
Silver spray paint
Mirrored vinyl (here)


Note: If you don’t want to be stuck to your friend/significant other all night, just leave out the rear view mirror and rope!

1. Cut the bottom off of your cardboard boxes. With your utility knife, cut a hole in the top of the box big enough for you to step through.

2. Wrap the fur blanket around the box, wrapping it like it is a giant present. Hot glue the fur to each side of the box, securing the fur well around all of the edges.

3. Once the box is completely covered in fur, cut 21 equal-sized circles out of black construction paper. Glue the circles on top of the fur to create the numbers on a dice.

4. If you are going to opt out of making the rear view mirror, cut small slits in the top of the box and thread white ribbon through for the straps. Secure the ribbon to the inside of the box with hot glue.

5. If you want to make the mirror, using scrap cardboard, cut an oval shape out with a utility knife. Hot glue a cardboard tube to the back of the mirror. In a well-ventilated area, spray paint piece you just made silver and allow to dry completely.

6. Cut a smaller oval shape out of cardboard. Trace the shape onto your mirror vinyl and stick the mirror vinyl to the front of the cardboard piece. Hot glue this onto your spray painted mirror.

7. Cut off a strand of black rope long enough to create space in between the two die. Weave wire through the rope so that the rope can stand up on its own. Cut a small slit in the side of the die and push the rope through. Hot glue the rope to the inside of the box. Manipulate the wire so the rope stays up in the shape you want it to.

8. Hot glue the rear view mirror to the top of your rope. Rock those fuzzy die!


Photos by Kyle Larsen

Let’s show everyone how you ROLL!! Get it? Roll, dice. Haha I’m done now. This costume was born solely out of the idea that I thought it would be really funny to see Kyle inside of one of these, so you’re welcome Kyle In The Wilds’ fans! We only have 1 more costume left after this one, but make sure to keep tagging your Aww Sam costumes with #AwwSamCostumeParty on Instagram and we’ll share our favorites! I’ve already seen a whole lot of cotton candy and taco costumes this year!!!

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