Our Trip To The Museum Of Ice Cream: San Francisco!

As some of you may know from seeing our Instagram Stories, we went to the Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco during our trip!!! We got super lucky and the museum just happened to be having its grand opening when we were in LA, so we took a day trip over to San Francisco before heading back to NYC! When a museum tells you that they’re going to have a sprinkle pool again AND a rainbow striped room, you get on a plane and go ASAP! We ended up taking soooo many photos that I thought we’d show you some sneak peeks and put all of the photos together in a blog post! This one is going to be a bit different from our typical posts, so let us know if you like it and want to see more travel-related posts in the future. Get ready for a pink overload, because this is one place that definitely doesn’t shy away from COLOR!!! 😉

This room was like a giant refrigerator door just full of alphabet magnets!

This was my favorite room in the whole museum. It was styled like a 1950’s diner, but ALL PINK! Complete with a retro, pink jukebox playing retro tunes!

Photos by Kyle Larsen

How many of you scored tickets and are going here soon?! As you can tell, we had the best time here and there are a lot of rooms that we didn’t include in this post so that there are some surprises for all of you when you go! I’d love to hear which room is your favorite, let us know below!!!

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  1. I definitely love posts like this. Please do more! It would be fun to see you shoot around colorful spaces and I really adore your photos so much.

  2. Soooooooo cute! This is a must if I ever make it down to USA! Keep the travel inspo going for your fellow canadians! 🙂

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