DIY Letter Board Halloween Costume

IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN!!!! Can you tell I’m excited?! Holiday season is one of my absolute favorites every year. We have our first Halloween costume today and it’s based off of one of our most viewed projects EVER; the felt letter board! I immediately got back to the studio after taking these photos and hung the board up on the wall, because not only does it work as a super fun Halloween costume, you can use it as an actual giant letter board too! (It’s now sitting in our kitchen and says “tacos”)

Anyways, I feel like this year I’ve seen everyone and their mother with a felt letter board, so the love for these is real. I actually have three letter boards and my favorite one is pink, so I thought we’d re-create the pink letter board so now you can go around letting your Halloween message be heard! I hope you guys like this one, I can’t wait to show you what we have in store for the rest of Holiday season. 🙂

Foam core
Exacto knife
Ruler (a giant ruler is easiest)
1″ square wooden dowels (here)
Pink felt (we got ours from our local fabric store)
Hot glue gun
White spray paint
Silver adhesive vinyl (here)
Cardboard letters (here)
White ribbon or elastic
Small saw for the dowels


1. Measure and cut out a piece of foam core that’s 24″ x 36″. Set aside.

2. Prep the cardboard letters by cleaning off any dirt. Spray paint them white in a well-ventilated area and allow to dry completely before handling.

3. Leaving a 2″ border all the way around the foam core, hot glue your dowels to the board, leaving 1/4″ between each dowel. It’s important that you measure this step out so that the ridges in your board look even in the end result.

4. Once all of the dowels have been secured to the board, start at the top and hot glue the felt over each dowel. Make sure to place hot glue in each ridge and press down firmly so that the felt stays. When you have covered the whole board, trim off any excess felt and set aside.

5. Using another piece of foam core, cut out two strips measuring 24″ x 2″ and two strips measuring 36″ x 2″. Cover the strips in silver vinyl and secure them with hot glue to the border of the piece you just covered in felt. These will act as a “frame” around your whole letter board.

6. Flip the board over and hot glue a white ribbon or elastic piece to the back that you will use to carry the board around your neck.

7. If you don’t plan on using the letter board for decor, hot glue your phrase to the front of the board and voila! If you want to re-use the board and make the letters interchangeable, hot glue small tabs of foam core to the back of each letter so that you can stick them in between the ridges and change up your message.


The possibilities are endless for what you can write on this! Just think of all of the funny Halloween puns you could use! We LOVE seeing all of your versions of our costumes every year, so make sure to tag us on social media with #AwwSamCostumeParty to show us what you’re dressing up as! And if you’re not feeling the letter board vibes, we have a whole list of costumes here, so be sure to check ’em out.

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