Weekend Round-Up!

It’s finally the weekend! It always takes me a while to get back into the swing of things work-wise after a trip, but we’ll be back next week for your normal, scheduled programming! I’ve been loving all of your guesses on what our big announcement is. A lot of you think we’re getting a dog (???) or we’re moving to LA, but I’ll give you a hint that it’s neither of those, so keep guessing! Nobody has gotten it right yet!!! We’re going to be posting a blog post here on Tuesday morning about it, so check back then! We have a super busy work day tomorrow and then we’re heading to Montauk for the day on Sunday. It will be my first time ever in Montauk, so if any of you have any recommendations of places to eat or fun things to do, let me know in the comments!


Fun things on the Internet this week…


The colors on this dress are soooo good

Here is the Barbie bodysuit above that you’ve all been asking about

This DIY cooler is one of my favorite things we’ve made all Summer

I swear that rainbow pom poms make everything better

I’ll take an ice cream bath bomb any day

So happy you all love these beach thumbprint cookies as much as I do!

I just bought this shower curtain for our bathroom

This has to be one of the cutest desserts I’ve ever seen


Anything fun planned this weekend? Sound off in the comments below!

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