DIY Pineapple Beverage Cooler

You might remember the cooler we re-did last Summer that we painted pink….well we’re giving it another makeover today! I was thinking the other day how I wanted a watermelon cooler (somebody make that one now please and thank you), but then I thought that it would be really fun to give the lid to my cooler some pineapple leaves and turn it into a pineapple! Plus, now that we’re almost done with Summer projects, I had to squeeze in one last one for all of those end-of-Summer beach trips. This definitely turned out to be one of my favorite projects so far, so I hope you all like this one too!

Our cat decided to photobomb. For some reason she doesn’t mess with balloons at all, but really wanted to take a better look at this cooler haha!


Cooler (we got ours here)
2 cans of yellow spray paint
Light green craft foam
Brown adhesive vinyl or paint pen
Painter’s tape
Permanent bond craft glue


1. Wipe the cooler of any dust or dirt. Tape off any parts of the cooler that you don’t want to be painted.

2. In a well-ventilated area, paint the whole cooler yellow with spray paint. We had to do two coats of paint on ours, but it depends on what kind of paint you buy. Allow the paint to dry completely. Once the paint has dried, remove the tape from the areas you taped off. Set aside.

3. Using green craft foam, cut out different sizes of pineapple leaves and glue them together on the lid of the cooler. We only put leaves on the front of our lid so that we could still get to the handle easily. Allow the glue to dry completely before placing the lid back on the cooler.

4. We used adhesive vinyl to put a little pineapple pattern on the cooler, but we found that a paint pen is better for longer use. If you want to use vinyl, cut out “u” shapes and stick them to the cooler in a pattern. If you want to use a paint pen, draw the pattern onto the front of the cooler and allow for it to dry completely.

5. Let the cooler sit overnight to make sure that the spray paint isn’t still tacky before loading it up with your favorite drinks and heading out to the beach!


Grab those sodas, we’ve got a beach day to plan with this fun, new cooler! What other last minute Summer projects do you want to see? We’ve got back-to-school DIYs coming next week, so get ready!!

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  1. This cooler is everything! I’ve been looking for a cooler Diy for a while and a coolet.r that won’t cost an arm and a leg to transform 😉 I love my Bando cooler (watermelon) but I need something more sturdy. Pinned!
    Ursula @ { modern, lovely, diys}

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